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Seungri will make his comeback on July 20th!

Seungri will make his comeback on July 20th!

Presenting: Seungri aka BLACKPINK’s hidden 5th…

Presenting: Seungri aka BLACKPINK’s hidden 5th member 

YG has always been and will always be sexist. …

YG has always been and will always be sexist. When it comes to their female artists they are always behind. I’m weary for BP bc even if they were to dominate they’ll always be last in line compared to Winner and Ikon.

they do handle their female artists quite terribly and i feel like this doesn’t just apply to YGE but KPop in general i mean just look at how SNSD’s 10th anniversary comeback/promos were handled by SME (it was a MESS) if they can’t get respect what can we expect for other groups

i do worry for BP a lot mainly b/c i know if they got proper promos and good management they’d be unstoppable even with this lack of activity their fandom is pretty big….winner and iKON have also been treated pretty badly by YGE also i mean they don’t even give BB the respect they deserve things need to change over there

Did YG make another sub label? Axis or somethi…

Did YG make another sub label? Axis or something? Where Katie Kim is at right? I’m so confused and frustrated with how YGE is trying to expand when they clearly need to focus on what they’re rooted with, music. And I understand and love our 3rd generation artists but I really need full blown Seungri promos, he’s only been promoting himself and his tour and ok I love cl and all but really, Hollywood actress debut? I know she said soon and even made scooter make a vid but dude music!

YGX it’s not technically a sub label it’s an academy for DJ + Dance they’ll merge with Seungri + NHR and HIGHGRND moved there. They’ll also form a new “hip-hop crew” with current YGE artists.

Katie will debut under Axis by Sinxity which is run by a former YG creative director by YG is handling the marketing for it. Speaking of Katie her luck is really bad b/c the two rappers (Cjamm and Vasco) featured in the MV of her debut both have been booked for Marijuana charges recently so there’s a mess there :/ 

YG isn’t quite expanding they’re more like….combining things right now Seungri’s solo will be out in July with around 10 songs and hopefully there will be lots of promo (he’s doing a tour also!). CL I truly have zero idea what is going on there but she shaded both her hollywood and YGE team so I guess it’s internal issues also she deserves to release more music sigh 

Can all YG fandoms just stay in their own damn…

Can all YG fandoms just stay in their own damn lanes so we can all have world peace. It's so annoying to see so much fighting even from translators of different fandoms smh

this is such a FAT mood like just support your own YGE group YG groups already get so much hate from everyone if we start these wars between groups in the agency it’ll just lead to so many messes :/ people need to realize that everyone at YG suffers no one has it better not to mention these groups have trained together for years and are friends stop being annoying ugh 

wtf is going on at YG so many people leaving n…

wtf is going on at YG so many people leaving no statements about how Jiyong is doing such massive delays in stuff

do we ever know what’s going on at YGE the entire company is an illusion at this point. as for the leaving (PSY, Katie) i’m not surprised they have a hard time handling stuff and sticking to plans so (MIXNINE didn’t even debut)- though PSY left for other reasons.

idk why they’re not releasing a statement for Jiyong but I hope he’s doing fine… for the delays YG was hospitalized and he’s back now so I assume BLACKPINK’s comeback will be happening soon……it’s just how things roll at YGE tbh nothing fazes me much anymore 


BLACKPINK are filming their MV, Seungri’s Solo Comeback/Tour is happening finally some food is being thrown at us by YGE

How to Report Antis and Malicious Rumors to YG…

If you haven’t heard yet, YGE has announced that they will be taking legal action (finally) against hate comments and articles against any YGE artist. They want fans to send them any kind of malicious postings and comments and people bullying YGE artists to the following email:

Please do not spam the email with comments about a certain group being a flop or anything similar (while that is hate it isn’t severe enough to take any action and you’re just going to be filling up their inbox with unnecessary stuff). The evidence should be sent as an image or a pdf. It can be a website, nickname, ID, or IP address. 

Some YGE Korean Releases of 2017 

Some YGE Korean Releases of 2017