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YG is doing a hip hop variety program i'm

it’s not an audition program but still the man is absolutely insane if this ends up delaying winner and blackpink’s fall comebacks istg….also has he completely forgotten about Lee Hi CL and Suhyun?? what is he doing…

YGE was chosen in the list of the top 100 workplaces in Korea and is the only entertainment company chosen O_O

the official statement says “YG Entertainment was selected for how it has continuously pushed for employment of youths and women, and received high scores for their long-term employment, leadership, and job stability.”

i…..dek maybe it’s also b/c they barely do anything at YGE so it’s an easy workplace lmao

how important do you think YHS's opinion is when making decisions at YGE

his opinion usually matters on more musical decisions the actual business/money decisions are done by the CEO Yang Min Suk and a lot of the board people remember that YGE is owned by a lot of people (Naver for example) so he doesn’t quite have a final say in a lot of things….

Lmao YG college kid intern just wanted some good stuff on their resume but ended up in this hot mess

LMAOOOOOOO the kid is doing their best we love you YG intern kid if you’re reading this we see you we care for you 

I remember from an interview a long time ago that Seungri or was it Heechul (?) said that SM artists and YG artists are friends. It's just that they have to look like rivals for show (capitalism purposes lol). Like back then with BB vs. Suju. Or now EXO x Bang but they do get along fine. (everybody does tbh it's just the fandoms who are messy). or Mino is friends with Exo members and Block B, Got7/Day6 vs Winner/iKON for JYP vs. YG. I mean, we see it too with Twice x BP x Red Velvet

Yea! The current generation of KPop get along much better in public tbh than the older ones they don’t care back then they wouldn’t even interact much to keep that rivalry up YG himself has rivalry with many people cause he’s annoying that way but there are many friendships between SM and YG artists I think the RV girlies and BP went out to eat multiple times together and talk about each other all the time and of course BB have always mentioned how they like EXO and SUJU/Shinee and BB get along very well and some SNSD members are friends with BB members so that’s why I find fanwars to be so dumb these groups like each other a lot

Okay but YG was hospitalized for a month tho which explains why things are slower than usual. I'm upset with the usual delays, but a little humanity from fans would be appreciated. His case is serious too, I think? If it gets worse, he might need surgery for it.

ahhh I saw that also I feel bad now everyone is a human at the end of the day even though we disagree with a lot of things Sajang-nim does I really hope no one leaves any nasty comments under that IG post

He suffered a herniated disc in his neck which caused severe pain and required hospitalization for a month but he said he’s back to work now and will focus on BP, Seungri, SK, and Lee Hi 

Also people are coming for bigbang and say how male always gets away with it which I agree and how they’re not into bigbang anymore bc of the biasness. As much as it’s much easier for males to get away the main point here is that yg didn’t fucking handle shit properly and yg is to fucking blame here not bigbang over here.

i agree that the industry is harder for females for sure but the three cases (jiyong, tabi, and bom) are very different you can’t just group them under the same umbrella the circumstances and the actual incidents are varied. For example Tabi’s blew up more than Jiyong’s even because he was serving in the military and Bom’s was more of a “smuggling” (i hate that word a lot but it’s the official wording it got ugh)) thing. 

at the end of the day YG’s poor PR skills doomed these cases and the people even more but he did put out statements about Bom’s case back then but it was just too late and not….convincing enough. the whole thing sucks so much and basically people are saying that the only reason her case was brought up again by MBC (who by the way are currently under a huge corruption/poor treatment of employees scandal) was b/c of another scandal involving an airlines company. the world and media shady as fuck and those with the most power always win…..

WINNER at 1, BIGBANG at 3, and iKON at 5 on Korea’s biggest chart. 
YG Boygroups did THAT 

YG after posting a poorly photoshopped comeback teaser pic on IG for his artist that has been missing for the past 6 months 


I’m confused with the Kwon twins enlistment? They didn’t yet right? But then why didn’t they finish the tours and why did they shave their hair already? And do you know anything about Kush? It’s like he disappeared after his scandal. And I know it’s rare to see Teddy but I wonder how The Black Label is doing and I was really hoping to see a photo of him at YB’s wedding.

  • Kwon twins did enlist and are serving currently but they’re public service workers so they’re able to come home and use IG (which is why you see them posting)
  • Kush did disappear after his scandal and weirdly enough no more info came out from the Police’s side either and YG are not competent enough to hide anything (given how poorly they’ve handled the three prior drug scandals) so I really have no idea what happened to him but I hope he’s doing okay he has struggled with mental health issues 
  • TBL is doing fine but remember that Kush is involved there so maybe they’ve gone quiet b/c of that but Zion.T is doing some touring stuff and he’s under them. Teddy is super private we all know that so if he went he probably didn’t click any photos or privately wished them