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really really is the most downloaded idol group song of 2017 omg

shook is not enough of a word for this it’s so amazing!

last year around this time WINNER lost a key member, had been on hiatus for ages, and there were rumors of disbandment and now look! A national hit, massive success on variety shows, so many new fans. I’m so utterly proud of them. 

song of the year belongs to winner. 

Knetz would be pissed off if IU, Jiyong and Winner don’t get their rightful awards. Also I wish Jieun get Album of the Year because Palette is such a solid album but I know it’s going to a Kpop group.

You’re so damn right the general public Knetz are pretty pissed but MelOn Music are probably going to give awards to those three 🙂 they even nominated BIGBANG for a Top 10 Award cause they know real talent.

Palette was a wonderful album! Kwon Jiyong also. Those two albums deserve soooo many awards that they probably are not going to get 🙁  

My aesthetic?These top comments about MAMA 2017’s nominations.

My aesthetic?

These top comments about MAMA 2017’s nominations.

Most impressive bg this year?

Well my number 1 forever and always no matter what year it is is BIGBANG. 

Tbh I don’t really follow any BG that well besides BIGBANG, but I have been enjoying WINNER and their music this year, and I think that they had quite an impressive year musically and popularity wise, esp. considering all the ups and downs regarding hiatuses and a member leaving. They really proved a lot of people wrong and that’s awesome. 

i think really really has a chance of winning but it’s biggest contender will be red velvet’s red flavour.

I love that song! I actually think that the strongest competitors are TWICE’s KNOCK KNOCK and IU’s Through the Night. Both those two songs have massive sales, streams, and had lots of exposure and relevancy (TTN managed to re-enter MelOn and Gaon’s Top 10 after 5 months).

Red Flavor def is a big hit but it came out a bit late so that’s why I think the other two songs have a stronger edge over it.

SOTY is the category this year that I think has a decent amount of contenders whose wins would make sense but going by how viral REALLY REALLY went I’m still placing my bets on WINNER taking the Daesang for it.

I am gonna fight if WINNER don’t get that daesang for SOTY


REALLY REALLY has the biggest sales out of all BG songs of 2017, most streams (80M+!!!! BIGBANG are usually the only BG who get such high numbers), is still going strong on MelOn and Gaon Charts, has national hit relevancy with it being played everywhere, and the choreo is super popular. 

there is no logical reason as to why it shouldn’t get the Daesang.  


#soulmate #winner

#soulmate #winner

Here we go again……

Here we go again……


jenniez: triple J ft the third wheel


triple J ft the third wheel

fy-winner:[2017 WINNER’S SUMMER STORY [Hafa Adai, GUAM]]