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I wanna know, you keep catching my eye
I’m getting interested in you, lose control

Seungri ft. MinoWHERE R U FROM?

Seungri and MinoWHERE ARE U FROM MV 

Some ICs were really hurt by this. Some were really crying and having anxiety attacks because they've been through so much as Winner fans.

I know my IRL best friend is an IC and she was devastated over this and another one of my good friends online is an IC and it hurt her a lot ICs are such a peaceful fandom tbh they don’t deserve this at ALL they’ve gone through lots of dark times sending them tons of love <3 

Not to be Controversial but uhhhh 2017’s song of the year was the queen herself, Really Really. And I’m still salty that basically no one recognized it at the award shows. And I swear to GOD if they don’t give ikon song of the year for Love Scenario – there will be hell to pay. I will fight Mnet. That queen is still reigning.

YES YES YES YES YES we will never forget Queen Really Really she’s still on the charts she refuses to go down our true SOTY always in ours hearts. 

But 100% love scenario deserves SOTY it’s been RULING the charts it’s domination is insane it honestly has….maybe 2 competitors right now but iKON deserves that award hands down 


Ryan Reynolds taking his mask off at King of Masked Singer feat. Lee Seunghoon losing his shit

fav songs from winner's new album?

Raining, Have A Good Day, We Were, For, Air, Everyday.

WINNER's album is insane. So many good songs. It's so well-balanced and versatile omg. I understand why they're all very happy and confident about it. It's hard to pick favorites.

YES!!!! It’s a perfect album a lot of their old sounds with their new sounds just a great blend of everything. I know some people are on the edge about EVERYDAY and the autotune is a bit hard to get around at first but once you do it’s such a bop. 

I’m very proud of WINNER and their entire album debuted in MelOn’s Top 100 which is awesome they’ve truly become a group the public trusts. YG are on a roll this year iKON had a great album also. 

WINNER at 1, BIGBANG at 3, and iKON at 5 on Korea’s biggest chart. 
YG Boygroups did THAT 

YG after posting a poorly photoshopped comeback teaser pic on IG for his artist that has been missing for the past 6 months 


Excuse me Winner,, those mullet hairs… all of you at the same time??? I can't.. i… I dont know how i feel about tha

tragic hair is like a YGE tradition tbh but i kinda dig it??? kind of??? ish??? okay maybe not that much but i love the colors and Jinwoo’s curls are ADORABLE