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How to Report Antis and Malicious Rumors to YG…

If you haven’t heard yet, YGE has announced that they will be taking legal action (finally) against hate comments and articles against any YGE artist. They want fans to send them any kind of malicious postings and comments and people bullying YGE artists to the following email:

Please do not spam the email with comments about a certain group being a flop or anything similar (while that is hate it isn’t severe enough to take any action and you’re just going to be filling up their inbox with unnecessary stuff). The evidence should be sent as an image or a pdf. It can be a website, nickname, ID, or IP address. 

xehunted:winner – island ♫


winner – island ♫

omg did you see the year-end charts?? winner d…

omg did you see the year-end charts?? winner did so well and yet :/

Yup….look at their results for REALLY REALLY. Considering how 2017 was the year of solo artists and OSTs this is so freaking amazing: 

  • Genie: #10 (#1 for Idols)
  • Bugs: #9 (#1 for Idols)
  • Naver: #10 (#1 for Boy Groups) 
  • Mnet: #11 (#1 for Boy Groups) 
  • Melon: #11 (#1 for Boy Groups)

I don’t get how they weren’t even nominated for a Daesang. Awards have truly become one hell of a scam

thoughts on winner's cover of haru haru a…

thoughts on winner's cover of haru haru at gayo daejun today????? and merry christmas!

Link to performance anon is talking about

I freaking LOVED it. The electric guitars, Mino and Seunghoon’s new rap lyrics that fit so perfectly, the way Seungyoon’s vocals just shined during the chorus, and how perfectly Jinwoo played off of Jiyong’s part in the beginning. So glad that they didn’t opt for an acoustic version and let their own colors shine in the cover. I am so upset that it was so short okay we deserve a full studio version.

Also can we just appreciate how fresh Haru Haru sounds in 2017?? It is an eternal song that will never age….the beat, the lyrics it truly sounds like something that came out just recently it’s forever THAT song. 

Merry Christmas Everyone!


Youngbae’s White Night Album has been nominated for Golden Disk Award Disk Daesang and Untitled (2014) and FXXK IT have been nominated for Digital Daesang. 

GDA has no voting for these categories they strictly base it on sales from Gaon (80%) and expert opinion (20%). 

Other YG Artists nominated for SOTY: WINNER, PSY, AKMU, Zion.T,  HyukOh, and BLACKPINK. 


i'm actually so mad on winner's beha…

i'm actually so mad on winner's behalf. if a song that performed so well digitally, got winner so much recognition, was korea's national anthem this year, couldn't win song of the year over a boy group with a huge fandom, will anyone ever? like, if it's just gonna be the most popular boy groups every year, do these awards mean anything? if even 100M streams can't beat a big fandom, what's the point? i'm so mad

anon spilling some A+++ tea here 

honestly. it’s frustrating af. really really isn’t lacking in any aspect. it deserved a nomination at least. 

fatenumberfor: winner, everybody


winner, everybody

My only hope that's left is the seoul mus…

My only hope that's left is the seoul music awards but since everyone is doing dirty to winner my hopes aren't high

going by the SMA past winners they tend to be pretty fair so i have like a tiny little sliver of hope still left for them but expecting the least at this point is the best idea….

 these award shows’ results tho will never change the fact that WINNER are 4 extremely talented and hardworking men who have the biggest idol group song of 2017 that is a national hit that was lead to success STRICTLY by the public who care about WINNER a lot.




It’s so utterly disrespectful that they weren’t nominated. It makes no sense. It shouldn’t have happened. And the most heartbreaking part of it all is that WINNER themselves are trying to be okay with it and are thinking that it’s fine that they got a Top 10 and they didn’t need that nomination when they 100% deserved it hell was it their right.  

I just wanna day, I will remember this day til…

I just wanna day, I will remember this day till my afterlifeyou probably meant “die” instead of “day” but same fam 😞💔

winner are such sweethearts they’re on VLIVE right now apologizing and saying that they’ll work even harder. But they WORKED SO HARD!! THEY DID THEIR BEST AND GOT RESULTS BUT ITS NOT BEING APPRECIATED. AND THEY KNOW IT.

don’t even get me started on what MMA did to BIGBANG and their top 10 award. My mood is extra shitty because I woke up at 4AM on a Saturday for this crap.