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Meet random guy. Arjun Thakur Arjun. For s…

Meet random guy.

Arjun Thakur Arjun.

For some reason he decided to message me. His opening line about wanting my boobs made me reply a couple of times as a smart arse saying well have some plastic surgery and them put in.

But when he kept saying he wanted me I found myself getting quite pissed off that he refused to take a hint and that even though he’d say okay it would not be long before he’d message again. Just because he liked me and thought I was sexy seemed to trump my saying no! I ended up calling him but as he didn’t answer I left a message telling him to please stop messaging because I wasn’t interested.

He didn’t care. He sent me a dick pic.

When I said, AGAIN, I didn’t wish to see his dick or talk he seemed to finally accept this. But it didn’t last.

I’ve told him he needs mental help and will not reply again but I wouldn’t be surprised if he messaged again. He’s definitely- along with Mursaleen (see his post!)- perpetuating the Indian man online stereotype!

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So this guy, Mursaleen, literally liked every …

So this guy, Mursaleen, literally liked every single one of my public posts on my wall and then a bunch of my comments on posts in a group. Then started messaging me.

It didn’t take him long to live up to the expectations of an Indian man online asking for photos. I told him no bobs and vagine. He replied with I cry and a sad face. I was like diddums. I then sent him some vagene pics (by vagene I mean lips x2, and ham sangas x2 that looked like vaginas!) He then proceeded to ignore me.

Perhaps he guessed? But more likely he’d got his pics- or so he thought lol- so didn’t need to nag anymore. Indian men!!🙄

Even though they’re not really vagina pics I’ve scribbled the pic out in case someone reports it or Zuck gets offended at seeing lady parts in the (not so) flesh!!!

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Any time I can educate randoms on random anima…

Any time I can educate randoms on random animal facts whilst also trolling them is a good day for me. 👍

IG: @sonyatroll

IG: @sonyatroll



Was this dude for real or someone being a smar…

Was this dude for real or someone being a smartarse?

Was this dude for real or someone being a smar…

Was this dude for real or someone being a smartarse?

Was this dude for real or someone being a smar…

Was this dude for real or someone being a smartarse?


I was only able to screenshot the first few pages but then after he unmatched me it obviously disapeared so I had to type the last page from memory, so it may not be verbatim but it is the general gist and as much as I can remember.

Tinder dude: Hi A, happy new year.

Me: Thanks, you too.

Tinder dude: I was hoping to start the year as I mean to go on.

Me: An excellent philosophy, I quite agree.

Tinder dude: You do? Well that’s good because I want to start it off with me inside you. How about you?

Me: I started it off with a one night stand with some random at the pub but yeah sounds good.

Tinder dude: So you are naughty. 😉

Me: Well depends on which definition one uses. Legally yes.

Tinder dude: And you like one night stands?

Me: Yes. I only have them.

Tinder dude: what so never any ongoing casual NSA fun?

Me: Nope. I’m not into that. I think it’s disgusting.

Tinder dude: Huh? How? But whatever- when you going to let me be in you?

Me: Whenever you desire…..

Tinder dude: Fuck yes. I can’t wait to be so deep inside you that you scream.

Me: Dude I’m not an oblivetron, I don’t absorb people. And if I was I’d likely be a discerning one and you might not make the grade.

Tinder dude: Lol okay then. You a bit weird hey?

Me: 👌

Tinder dude: So this weekend suit?

Me: Sure.

Tinder dude: Excellent. When and where?

Me: Say Saturday night?

Tinder dude: Sweet. Time? Place?

Me: About 2 am, [local lake which is big and would be deserted at that time of night]. Somewhere nobody hears you scream.

Tinder dude: 2am? Wtf? And you mean hears you scream?

Me: Yes. And no, defo you who will be screaming.

Tinder dude: Nah, I don’t do butt stuff unless it’s me in yours.

Me: I don’t intend to do that to you.

Tinder dude: This is not weird.

Me: That’s what random pub dude said nye.

Tinder dude: Have you heard from him since?

Me: No. I can’t. Though apparently there’s a chick in the mountains that gives good readings but I don’t want my secrets coming out. I hate the idea of being in jail.

Tinder dude: Wtaf?

Me: What? So Saturday then?

Tinder dude: Only if it’s earlier. Can’t I come yours?

Me: No. I like to keep a sterile environment and I don’t want anything that could get me in trouble. It’s all well and good being naughty until you end up in jail.

Tinder dude: WTF

Me: Don’t shout. It’s rude.

Tinder dude: Fucking explain this shit now!

Me: I don’t take orders. Well only from one man but we won’t go imuo that.

Tinder dude: Beginning to see why you don’t do casual ongoing. The guys would see your nuts.

Me: 1) Gramnar. You mean you’re nuts. Not you me nuts. Because I don’t have any. Except the ones hanging off my mirror in my Ute on the farm. They belonged to my first. 2) No that’s not why I do t have sex with them again. It’s because it’s disgusting.

Tinder dude: You are crazy. But for the record sex with me again and again isn’t disgusting. Just gets better even.

Me: No trust me it would be disgusting if I had sex with you more than once. I’d go from naughty to legally naughty and legally insane if you believe the DSM definition and the legal one.

Tinder dude: I’m over this. This apps to fuck not chat.

Me: Agreed. So: Saturday night, 2am, the lake? We will fuck. I will literally fuck your brains out. Then I’ll take you to my property and make sure you disappear. Hence why a second time would be wrong. I’m not some crazy sick fuck who has sex with dead bodies. Though I know some serial killers roll like that but it’s just no my jam.

Tinder dude: Thanks.

Me: You’re welcome. That’s like so totes sweet!!! I’ve not had that before- is it thanks for having sex with you before killing you (I’m a bit like the black widow spider and should I ever get caught that’s the name I want in the media!) or for not having sex with you after I kill you?

Tinder dude: No it’s thanks for wasting my time you Bitch

*And here he unmatched me. Before I could even beg him not to turn me into the cops!*

When you totally ruin their pickup line on pur…

When you totally ruin their pickup line on purpose…. 😈