Category: trolling

I got bored the other week and decided to go back to revisit the cesspool of SKOUT.

Probably the worst online dating interaction I’ve had. A year ago today. 🤢

Blast from the past. 3 years ago.

Not sure if I ever posted this. I’d forgotten a lot of my dating site usernames or passwords but when I got my new phone they reappeared. Almost as if apple were saying “A, you must troll fuckboys.” This guy isn’t a fuckboy, granted, but a silly pickup line deserves a silly reply. And when they can’t have a bit of a joke it just makes me far more likely to continue it….

Presumably not at the same time “Sean” the catfish from “Oxford” of “The Best Airline”?

A truly great thing has happened! Tinder did not realise I am one determined soul (read: I was bored absolutely fucking shitless!) and last night I put my UK sim in my phone and used some of the data on it to sign up using that number. It won’t last long I’m sure. Still: I’m back bitches!!!

I haven’t bothered with online dating in ages because of having been banned from tinder and because I’ve had many Indians and Nigerians in my Facebook inboxes so I haven’t felt the need to deal with fuckboys there. But I was bored tonight so I did. It took me forever to remember my username and password though and I ended up having to reset the password because it’s been so long. Still: meet James. James likes anal. (And thinks the word is cunf not cunt in case you couldn’t work that one out on your own…. )