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BIGBANG Touring Numbers – 2017

  • BIGBANG are the Biggest KPop Touring Act of 2017 with 1,150,000+ attendees with only 27 shows 
  • GDragon’s MOTTE Tour attracted 650,000 attendees with 29 shows, making it the largest concert tour ever conducted by a Korean solo artist 
  • Daesung’s various concerts attracted 238,000 attendees with 43 shows 
  • Taeyang’s White Night tour attracted 180,000 attendees with 18 shows 
  • Overall, counting solo tours, BIGBANG met a total of 2,218,000 fans this year
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jiyong changed his caption again! my gtop hear…

jiyong changed his caption again! my gtop heart :')

knetz: *shit all over jiyong for hanging out with top*

jiyong: uploads pic with TOP on an IG with 15.1M followers, adds an initial caption saying “our hyung”, then adds #bromance with emojis. 

iconic. also the caption is super adorable <3 

s-tttop:171205 – Yeonjun and Top’s reunion ♡


171205 - Yeonjun and Top’s reunion 


Jiyong added a caption to his pic with TOP.

“With Our Hyung” 😭


All the antis tried so hard to make it seem that TOP was no longer part of BIGBANG but BIGBANG will never ever let their Hyung go they’ll always take care of him, always be with him, never shield away from mentioning him, and always make sure that he’s part of the team. He’s always our Hyung always our Bingu always a BIGBANG member ❤️😭



Is TOP doing his military service right now ? …

Is TOP doing his military service right now ? Or he's not allowed yet?

I really don’t know. Technically he is still serving but going by his recent hair length he may still be on a medical rest. 

He’s allowed to serve the sentence he received didn’t take away the months he had served also. 

aw seunghyun’s sister is back on IG

I saw :)) Yeonjun has become so big! 

I’m really glad to see her back. If anyone posts rude comments on her IG they’re gonna catch these hands