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Happy 11th Anniversary BIGBANG!

Discovering you 5 has been the greatest thing to ever happen to me. Thank you for existing and giving us 11 years of bliss. Being a VIP is my life’s greatest joy. Your immense talent, kind hearts, and goofy uninhibited crazy selves make me so happy every single day. 

Let’s go for another 11 and then another and then another…… 

August 19th, 2006 – ∞ 

Until Whenever

~ 4000 Days with BIGBANG ~

Today officially marks 4000 days with BIGBANG (as it’s already July 31st in Korea).

To my 5 incredible kings, thank you for being with us for so long. Thank you for being so wonderful, humble, and talented. Thank you for always coming back to us, for always showering us with so much love, and for simply existing. Thank you for being my favorite men, for being my group, for allowing this wonderful fandom to exist like a family.

To be able to watch you 5 achieve your dreams and go on this insane journey for the past ~11 years has been a blessing. There will never be anyone who can come close. You 5 started as backup dancers who cleaned the floors and bathrooms at YG, who barely had enough to eat, and now grace the lists of Forbes, are called the world’s biggest boyband by CNN and Times, have so many world tours, own incredible businesses, are muses for massive fashion houses, and are legends in the industry. 

It hasn’t been an easy road, but we’ve all made it. Here’s to 4,000 more days with you 5 crazy guys. I don’t think I can ever say how much BIGBANG mean to me but in the words of our dear maknae, “BIGBANG IS MY EVERYTHING.”

Please stay as 5 brothers for a very long time. 

We love you until whenever ?


which post did top like? I was out for a couple of days and I see this


He liked this post (nothing crazy just a nice quote)…….idk when (and if) the hate will calm down but it’s good for us to keep quiet at least until the trial is over. 


Like every other VIP or bb fan that CARES I feel so lost. As a psychiatrist in training I’m sincerely worry for TOP’s mental health and hope he will reach out to his family, and seek professional help if need be. Tabi has always been described as sensitive and the fact the media is turning him into a pariah…😭😭😭😭😭

Ahhh same 🙁 it’s up to his family and a bit dependent on the trial sadly but I do hope he gets the help he needs. Mental health is really really important. Thankfully his doctors seem very determined to give him that help so I think he’s in good hands ?????? the media are honestly sick I’m glad that they’ve shut up for a bit after he got moved to a private place.

Hello. I would like to know please if there is a video or a picture of seunghyn’s mom giving a statement? I saw unfortunately the pictures of her crying in the hospital but nothing concerning a possible statement to the press

I heard that there were only pics no vids :/ idk more I blocked anyone who reposted pics of her it made me sick to see them.

Is it true that Doom Dada was banned from being played or something? Is it inappropriate?

Banned? I don’t remember that happening. Doom Dada is just weird not inappropriate lol. He didn’t even promote it so I don’t know who’d ban it….

s-tttop: No baby you’re doing well ♥ (You’re all doing your…


No baby you’re doing well ♥ (You’re all doing your best please always think that way)



Are you not stanning TOP anymore? You seem pretty upset with him ;_;

Wait what? Of course not. I stan BIGBANG. And TOP is a very important part of BIGBANG.

I’d be lying if I said I weren’t disappointed but I’ve loved all 5 of them for almost 11 years now. I’m not going to leave him for something like this. I still stand with him (as in not shielding him from his dumb decision and its consequences but that I’m not going to leave his side during this mess). I still love our Bingu dearly and worry like crazy for him. When GD Daesung and Seungri had their scandals I stood by them. Same goes for TOP.