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Ummm do you have any thoughts on TOP hanging a…

Ummm do you have any thoughts on TOP hanging around Lee Byung Hun? 😕😕😕

i know what you’re getting at :/ do i like it?? not really. LBH……just has creeped me out from the start and then when you add his scandal it’s just ugh overall he’s an amazing actor i won’t deny that but his personal life is a disaster. 

BUT you do have to remember that LBH is a HUGE senior in the industry and him and Tabi have been friends for a very long time you don’t just forgo a senior like that given how much importance Korea gives to that whole aspect….Tabi is an adult he’s allowed to be friends with whoever he wants i guess but knetz probably have a hoot with this friendship given how much they adore Lee Santa 

Ugh knetz still so damn salty abt Tabi like he…

Ugh knetz still so damn salty abt Tabi like he cant even go out to eat without them bitching abt him “having it so easy”. Idk why they treat him like he committed a murder or something. Should’ve just avoided reading those comments but I couldnt help it. Psssshhh…Knetz dont deserve happiness either if all they have to offer is shitty comments and hate

woww i honestly don’t even check those netizen translation blogs anymore or read comments in general tbh they just give me major headaches and don’t provide any new info so……but yeaaaaaaaaaa don’t expect them to ease up anytime soon (if ever) it’s easy to bitch behind a screen and knetz (especially those from nate which is prob the comments you’ve read if they’re from NB) are experts at that. 

people need to go outside or move on. he went through the trial, took his punishment, matter over. all i wish for Tabi is to be healthy and happy and safe after that horrendous month last year seeing him out and about eating with friends and living normally makes me happy id’ be worried if he was just isolating himself. 

Have you heard that Tabi is under investigatio…

Have you heard that Tabi is under investigation for possibly breaking laws for public workers for release of Flower Road? They want him to submit his contract for review. WTF?!!

I wouldn’t call it an investigation he was more asked to submit stuff but I literally am so done with everyone I blame the rats on Nate who got jealous that Flower Road is doing so well and tried to start drama but YG responded with proof that it was created back in 2015/2016 and thankfully Seungri accidentally talked about it during the VLIVE for MADE so there’s video proof also……the thing is SO many artists have released music while they are in the army as a goodbye gift for fans hell actors even shoot dramas and they’re released while they’re serving but why are people suddenly caring? B/c its BIGBANG and Tabi had a recent scandal making him perfect bait for reporters to use. 

Thankfully most Knetz are calling out the idiotic reporter who started this mess by saying they’re the issue not BIGBANG. In the meantime, our queen Flower Road collected her PAKs so I hope the rats choke can they just leave him alone like just let him serve in peace……

In other news Tabi apparently didn’t even know that Flower Road was going to be released so he was probably shocked to read that their song was number 1 on the charts 

Flower Road – 24+ Hours 🌸

  • Broke the record for most unique listeners on MelOn for a group song (previous record holder was FXXK IT and all top songs are BIGBANG)
  • Ranked 5th in list of highest unique listeners of all time
  • Highest unique listener count of 2018
  • Debuted at number 1 on WW iTunes chart making it the 1st to do so in 2018
  • Received it’s first Certified All Kill at 2PM KST and is currently at 8 
  • Certified double platinum on QQ Music (China’s MelOn)
  • Broke record for most MelOn roof hits for 2018 

A gift song released by a hiatus 12 year old group with 4/5 members in the military did THAT. Flower Road is one powerful Queen!

i love tabi's line in flower road that go…

i love tabi's line in flower road that goes "you are my magical queen" like they love us so much



im…..i do suppose queen makes more sense wow i……read lyrics kids


🌸  We Will Meet Again When The Flowers Bloom …

🌸  We Will Meet Again When The Flowers Bloom 🌸




Happy 11th Anniversary BIGBANG!

Discovering you 5 has been the greatest thing to ever happen to me. Thank you for existing and giving us 11 years of bliss. Being a VIP is my life’s greatest joy. Your immense talent, kind hearts, and goofy uninhibited crazy selves make me so happy every single day. 

Let’s go for another 11 and then another and then another…… 

August 19th, 2006 – ∞ 

Until Whenever

~ 4000 Days with BIGBANG ~

Today officially marks 4000 days with BIGBANG (as it’s already July 31st in Korea).

To my 5 incredible kings, thank you for being with us for so long. Thank you for being so wonderful, humble, and talented. Thank you for always coming back to us, for always showering us with so much love, and for simply existing. Thank you for being my favorite men, for being my group, for allowing this wonderful fandom to exist like a family.

To be able to watch you 5 achieve your dreams and go on this insane journey for the past ~11 years has been a blessing. There will never be anyone who can come close. You 5 started as backup dancers who cleaned the floors and bathrooms at YG, who barely had enough to eat, and now grace the lists of Forbes, are called the world’s biggest boyband by CNN and Times, have so many world tours, own incredible businesses, are muses for massive fashion houses, and are legends in the industry. 

It hasn’t been an easy road, but we’ve all made it. Here’s to 4,000 more days with you 5 crazy guys. I don’t think I can ever say how much BIGBANG mean to me but in the words of our dear maknae, “BIGBANG IS MY EVERYTHING.”

Please stay as 5 brothers for a very long time. 

We love you until whenever ?


which post did top like? I was out for a couple of days and I see this


He liked this post (nothing crazy just a nice quote)…….idk when (and if) the hate will calm down but it’s good for us to keep quiet at least until the trial is over.