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suhyun and seungyoon sang together last night …

suhyun and seungyoon sang together last night and they sounded SO good together!!! imagine if YG took advantage of this and let them (and other YGE artists) release duets and stuff together (something like SM station). also i cried when IU mentioned Jonghyun in her Daesang speech…

Yes I saw that! It was such a beautiful performance their voices suit each other so well (link). YGE has no brains to do anything they’re incapable of giving their artists regular comebacks something like SM station is only a dream for us lol but yea I’d love to hear duets/solos/sub-groups (I’m still waiting on the BIGBANG vocal line sub-group we deserve) 

Same omg 🙁 but it was so important that IU mentioned him because it really shut down all the people who were saying so much nasty stuff about how idols shouldn’t keep mourning in public and move on like they’re humans who lost an close friend they’re all so strong to perform in public and do stuff truly I commend everyone

Some YGE Korean Releases of 2017 

Some YGE Korean Releases of 2017 

Did you know that Suhyun from AKMU has a YouTube channel ??

Yup I subscribed to her last week. The sweetheart is even English subbing her videos they’re gonna be mostly beauty related. Do subscribe Suhyun is a darling: