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Happy 12th Anniversary to BIGBANG and VIP! It has been a long, and at times difficult, road we’ve been traveling on and yet it’s the only road I would ever want to take. 

12 years ago, five boys came together with a simple dream of making music together and ended up being the greatest boyband of our times. Their influence on the industry and music cannot be described in words, because there’s no way to quantify it.  

Thank you Choi Seunghyun, Kwon Jiyong, Dong Youngbae, Lee Seunghyun, and Kang Daesung for making my life so beautiful, for giving us such stunning music, and for all the precious memories. 

I hope that we can walk together for as long as you all choose to. As VIP, we promise to be with you until whenever. 



where r u from (m/v behind the scenes)


Credit: mitsuzai6

I wanna know, you keep catching my eye
I’m getting interested in you, lose control

Seungri ft. MinoWHERE R U FROM?

Seungri and MinoWHERE ARE U FROM MV 

hey 🙂 Do you know when the voting for 1,2,3 or Where are you from starts? for inkigayo etc?

hi! voting for any award show will start the following week after a release because that is when they are eligible for a win which means seungri can be nominated for next week’s Inkigayo 

Do you know how Seungri’s album is doing on the korean charts? I hear theres some weird stuff happening with melon that streams aren’t being counted or something?

It’s doing pretty well given how insanely crowded the charts are (the title song 1, 2, 3! is usually in the top 20 on MelOn and peaks around 11-13 in the daytime which is great) but basically what is happening is that VIPs have been streaming non-stop and he’s one of the top streamed on MelOn but the song doesn’t rise so it doesn’t add up and when you think of the mess MelOn charts have been lately with manipulation you can’t help but think something fishy is happening…..


SEUNGRI & ANDA셋 셀테니 (1, 2, 3!)

Do you know how his album is doing so far ? 👀

Good! In just 10 hours it has 

  • Sold 500,000+ on QQ music and certified platinum 
  • #1 on iTunes in 19 countries
  •  Debuts #13 on Melon (with VERY crowded charts right now)
  • #1 on UK Kpop chart
  •  #1 on Japan Pop chart 
  •  #3 on Worldwide iTunes Chart
  •  #7 best selling music release of 2018 on QQ

Keep watching the MV and supporting him as much as you can ~


SEUNGRI – ‘셋 셀테니 (1, 2, 3!)’ M/V