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I just want to say I really love your blog! You never attack other fandoms or tear anyone down which is really refreshing to see. I'm glad you're a VIP ❤️

Thank you!!!!!!! I only attack if there’s a reason to tbh you’ll probably find some tea on this blog b/c of a couple headass anons I’ve gotten but I try to keep things calm lately there’s just so much negativity in this world why add to it? 

are there other artists you listen to besides YGE ones??

im not too picky tbh i listen to lots of random music i primary prefer soft ballads and acoustic tho ~ IU is probably my most listened to kpop artist besides YGE ones

Hyung, your blog is awesome!!

THANK YOUUUUUU!!!!! I know it’s reallllyyyyyyy hard to be active during a hiatus but I try to stop by as often as I can and I’ll probably be around more when the YGE comeback train starts rolling again with BP but I appreciate this a lot!!!!!!!


Funny story, my last big fandom pre-kpop was another sci-fi one (I've only ever been on the periphery of the sw one THANK THE LORDS OF KOBOL), and this makes me laugh, because I still remember the messes that came from ONTD on LJ at the height of fandom – and therefore, fandom wank. LOL *salutes you*

it’s really crazy how sci-fi fandoms end up being the wildest but thanks for this! i do like the sw fandom at times but other times its just like people really need to chill it’s not that serious (this applies to the kpop fandom also don’t take things that seriously lol) it just takes the fun out of everything 

holy shit how bad is the sw fandom that it pales in comparison to the kpop fandom?? what are the fan wars even about

it’s more like what are fan wars not about lmao it’s just filled with messy people like crazy dudebros who literally make edits removing all the women from the movie to people who send death threats to directors/cast members and other fans for shipping a certain couple it’s honestly been like this since  the 70s….it’s kinda ridiculously dramatic for a space soap opera geared towards kids but as long as you block like ½ the fandom and just confine yourself to a certain group of people like me you’ll be somewhat okay. like to make things worse the kpop fandom wars are limited to a certain age-group generally but like these sw fanwars are being lead by grown ass men and women with jobs….

wait your main is a star wars blog? omg no wonder you have so much patience with antis….

hffkjgjfllsks the horror stories are true my friends you’ve never seen hell until you’ve stepped into the sw fandom….i pray for my sanity every single day…..

is this blog not your main blog?

no this is a side-blog. i have two other side-blogs and my main is a star wars blog



I recently reached 1k followers on this blog and I just want to thank every single one of you who cared enough to hit that ‘follow’ button. Thank you  so much for sticking around, commenting, reblogging, sending asks and supporting my art. I really mean it when I say that you all helped me so much going through some stressful times during the past year.
Before starting this blog (and getting into BB ofc, bless these men) I was close to losing my passion for drawing, so just know that I’m extremely thankful to now be able to contribute well-received content to the fandom with my artwork. Thank you, again ♡

Now, my first (big ass) follower forever: an appreciation of all the amazing blogs and people out there – some of you I just adore from afar, I’ve also made friendships, had great conversations and even got to meet some amazing people.
Seeing all of you on my dash is truly a blessing and I’m looking forward to another great year. I hope you all will have a wonderful one as well!!

list in alphabetical order
bold – mutuals
i also tagged your sideblogs/sorry if i only tagged your sideblogs :c

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your blog is so funny omg i wish i knew you irl

hfdlfksls sweetie no you don’t i’m a sleep deprived bitter stressed mess but thank you so much this means a lot to me 


do you have a twitter??

Yes (x)

Fair warning – I literally just RT stuff and like random things it’s a mess