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Omg you’re header aagsgjssgsl I love it so much

ahh thanks so much it truly is the perfect description for this blog. 


Happy 1 Year Anniversary to this Blog! 🎉Thank you all for the support I really appreciate it. To see…

Happy 1 Year Anniversary to this Blog! 🎉

Thank you all for the support I really appreciate it. To see a blog that was strictly created out of boredom become so loved is really special to me.

Lots of love to all who’ve followed, liked, asked, reblogged, messaged, or even simply scrolled through.

Here’s to even more years of trolling and BIGBANG elitism ~


I know you mentioned you had a kdrama sideblog but what was the url again?

It’s @captainjoongki

I’m sorry if this sounds rude but are you a boy or a girl? I always assumed that you’re a girl?

Its totally not a rude question. I’m a girl.

I bet you’re confused because a lot of people call me Hyung. I don’t really remember how the nickname came about but it’s probably Bc of the whole YG thing associated with my url. I don’t mind it at all tho.


Thank you! 😀 

miss your header hyung

aww a lot of you seem to miss it! I’m in a “minimalist” mood these days but i’ll probably change it to a pic of OT5 in sweaters or something as Fall comes closer…..

I like the new theme ^_^ however I do miss the header pic of the boys ?

Aw thanks! I’m testing out some things so it may keep changing but even if they’re not in the header they’re always in mah heart 😀 

*runs away from my own cheesiness* 

~ 30 Questions Tag ~Rules: Answer 30 questions then tag 20 blogs you would like to know…

~ 30 Questions Tag ~

Rules: Answer 30 questions then tag 20 blogs you would like to know better.

tagged by @dresdenseven87 (Thank You!!) 

1. Nicknames: Hyung, Sajang

2. Gender: Female

3. Star Sign: Cancer

4. Height: 159 cm / 5′2″

5. Time: 5:00PM 

6. Birthday: July 10th

7. Favorite Bands: BIGBANG, SNSD, YG groups, The Script, Bolbbalgan4

8. Favorite Solo Artists: BIGBANG as solo artists, IU, Crush, Zion.T, Taeyeon, Roy Kim, Dean, Bruno Mars 

9. Song Stuck in My Head: Red Flavor by Red Velvet and all the teasers of the songs for SNSD’s new album. 

10. Last Movie Watched: Spiderman: Homecoming 

11. Last Show Watched: Criminal Minds (The Korean Version). Last American show was Psych.

12. When did i create my blog: Last year around this time

13. What do i post: BIGBANG elitism, random YGE artists stuff 

14. Last Thing Googled: Recipe for Fajitas 

15. Do you have other blogs: Yup I have 3 (my main blog, a KDrama blog, and a random trash blog to test gifs and stuff)

16. Do you get asks: Yea and I really suck at answering :/ sorry 

17. Why did u choose your url: YG is a troll 

18. Following: 95 blogs

19. Followers: Way more than I deserve…..

20. Favorite colors: Black, Blue, Grey, Lilac, Mint Green 

21. Average hours of sleep: 6-7 during break, 3-5 during semester 

22. Lucky Number: 6

23. Instruments: I used to play the Violin for 10 years and have been playing the Piano for 18 years. 

24. What am I wearing: T-shirt, running shorts. It’s July and hot af

25. How many blankets I sleep with: One that is super thick 

26. Dream Job: BIGBANG staff member 😛

27. Dream Trip: Japan!!! Added bonus would be if it were for a BIGBANG concert 😀 

28. Favorite Food: Mushroom Ravioli 

29. Nationality: American 

30. Favorite Song Now: Untitled by Jiyongie

TAGGING: @skrrrt @julla @topssi @daengerous-af @s-tttop and anyone else who wants to do this 🙂 

Still mad at your icon, but passed the salty phase of anger ???

Hahaha I’m thinking of changing it soon ? just gotta find some summer inspiration to whip up more magic in Photoshop

how long have you been a SONE?

Around 8 years (since 2009)