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Uh. Okay.

I got bored the other week and decided to go back to revisit the cesspool of SKOUT.

Maybe I’m old fashioned but I don’t think there’s anything wrong with a bit of banter (and given my profile said I was a serial killer you’d expect some response to that). And I was pretty turned off by his reaction as well as the wanting to be told his looks are good and the fact it took him just over 20 minutes to ask for sex. I unmatched then. Admittedly I use tinder to have some cool chats or find some fuckboys to troll but still. Ugh.

Probably the worst online dating interaction I’ve had. A year ago today. 🤢

Blast from the past. 3 years ago.

Of all the 7 terms listed in this article Jekylling is something I’m far too familiar with. If you are a regular reader of my blog you’d see all too often in the screenshots of the various dating apps when I turn down a man- after they’ve been a total wanker usually- they get shitty, tell me to get fucked, or say something like I didn’t want you anyway or you couldn’t handle me anyway.

Being Elsa’d is a common thing from what I hear from my friends too.

And tinder is literally crawling with dogfishers.


Yeah that’s a no from me mate…