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where r u from (m/v behind the scenes)

lulerains: mino // seungri ft. mino – where r …


mino // seungri ft. minowhere r u from

I wanna know, you keep catching my eyeI’m gett…

I wanna know, you keep catching my eye
I’m getting interested in you, lose control

Seungri ft. MinoWHERE R U FROM?

Seungri and Mino – WHERE ARE U FROM MV 

Seungri and MinoWHERE ARE U FROM MV 

I'm still so mad and hurt at what antis a…

I'm still so mad and hurt at what antis are doing to Mino. He got death threats. He was labelled as something that he isn't. All because of Dispatch and how some fake woke stans started spreading rumors. These are people who have 6k-100k followers. ICs are a small fandom, they can only do so much. It was so scary. I've experienced abuse when I was a child and kpop was my way to heal. To see someone who helped me cope being dragged and antis using a horrifying label as a tool to hate on him hurts

First of all I am so sorry about that this must be incredibly hard for you and I’m sending you lots of love and know that antis are the lowest of the low scum and that Mino and ICs deserve so much better <3 

I honestly keep getting pissed over and over again over this because of how quick so MANY people were to label him and judge him. Hopefully going forward we all can be kinder and wiser…..

The account is not suspended. She has multiple…

The account is not suspended. She has multiple accounts. She's not even sorry to Mino and ICs. She's only sorry to her fandom and STILL refuses to delete the damn thread. K-ICs and G-ICs are working really hard now to collect as much evidence. I'm worried for Mino because as soon as Winner landed in Korea, his following became 0 which means he's aware of the mess happening 🙁 It's just so heartbreaking coz he unfollowed his bestfriends, members, seniors, family, labelmates, everyone.

She does?! I thought this was the account that posted the thread and it’s gone so if she changed her user or switched to another please let me know off anon or something I will report every one of her accounts I want her GONE. Some are saying that she deactivated herself so if she comes back please keep reporting her account guys. She’s literally the worst I am astonished by her lack of empathy. 

I saw that poor Mino he must’ve seen his name trending what a disaster I hope he doesn’t take it too hard and keeps his hard work up he should know a lot of us support him

Twt stan would be the first one to jump on ban…

Twt stan would be the first one to jump on bandwagon hate towards someone they might not even know or w/o knowing what actually happened.The true definition of fake woke and the call out culture there is 🙄 pretending to up hold what they call justice to show how high and mighty they are. Not taking people seriously when they’re told they really went overboard “its not that deep” take my advice ppl and only head to twt for faster info abt your favs also mute those words™️ if you know what I mean


we all need to do better so no idol and fandom has to go through this again. take responsibility for your words and actions and know that they have consequences and stop being fake woke it’s so annoying. 

In the Mino situation the Twitter account that…

In the Mino situation the Twitter account that spread the accusations and missinformation had been suspended. This thing shouldn't have been a thing at all. Individuals need to be more responsible with sharing information and throwing labels like those is very delicate and potentially damaging. I worry about him, I can't not see him taking a mental and emotional blow because of it. Dispatch needs to disappear and a petition to the blue house won't do it.

PHEW I reported them glad to hear that she didn’t even delete those tweets after so many people showed her the true facts and was rather celebrating herself what a mess of a human being. If you are a translator you need to be SURE with what you’re sharing and especially when it’s such a public place (and that account was a BIG account with like over 6k followers). I feel so bad for Mino hopefully he sees the support. 

Dispatch needs to burn to the ground that the international kpop fandom needs to get off their high horse and realize that y’all are as bad as the knetz y’all come after. also – don’t worry about groups that you don’t stan.  

I'm in a kakaotalk group for Kpop, and pe…

I'm in a kakaotalk group for Kpop, and people who never ever talked once about Mino or Winner suddenly were 'woke' and jumped on the hate trainwagon without questioning anything, and those messages were the first thing I saw getting up this morning.

Yeaaaaa that’s what usually happens. You don’t know anything about someone but the minute a bad rumor/issue goes “viral” you join the bandwagon of hate :/ i mean he was trending WW that’s how bad it was last night i had to mute his name to avoid the terrible discourse things have only calmed down with facts this morning slowly….



If you didn’t believe in Mino’s innocence and started throwing rocks at him without any proof of his guilt, but now came to your senses, I’m glad you did, but please reflect and next time think twice before you hop on a hate bandwagon that could ruin a good mans life.

Problematic behavior needs to be called out but check your facts twice before you start to bury someone alive.