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my entire dash, timeline on twitter, and IG feed is shady posts against different fandoms and groups and mnet in general for mama 2017′s results and i’m just sitting here like 


Bruh the Mama's did GD so dirty!!!! I was…

Bruh the Mama's did GD so dirty!!!! I was pissed when I heard he didn't win but then it's GD. Like he doesn't need awards to remind him of how awesome he is. Still tho the Mama's can choke

Honestly even Zico (who won) said in his speech that “I don’t know if I really deserve to win this” (pls no one hate on Zico he’s BFFs with YB and respects GD so much). 

MNET hate YG the only YG artist who won anything this year was HYUKOH (congrats to them btw!)

KNetz were so pissed all the articles about MAMA had people questioning why he didn’t win anything. It’s okay MAMA doesn’t mean shit anymore GD remains a legend. 

ygentrollment:In honor of the 2016 MAMA Awards…


In honor of the 2016 MAMA Awards, let us remember when GDragon exposed mnet to the entire world while not giving a single fuck. 

In “honor” of the 2017 MAMA Awards, let us remember this forever iconic moment that still has MNET seething


I see MNET pulled their usual fuckery with MAMA

MAMA don’t really matter anymore, and they know it. It’s the equivalence to the MTV VMAS, like unless big names are going to perform no one gives a shit. They no longer have credibility and are now a joke….a serious joke considering they’e going to have like 3 shows,for what who knows so don’t even bother scolding them, they shit and they know it.


hi there! I hope you’re doing well! I just have a quick question about MAMA, i know it was rumoured (confirmed?) that GD and Taeyang would be attending but is there any chance for either of them to be nominated, or if they are already? I wasn’t able to find the nominees for 2017. And BB aren’t able to be nominated right? Because of when their album was released?

  1. GD and Taeyang are supposedly going to MAMA Hong Kong but given that YG has not confirmed anything when lots of other artists are confirmed….I suppose the YG absence continues. So cheers to another year of terrible ratings for MAMA ~
  2. The nominees are on their website!
  3. BIGBANG’s last comeback actually is eligible to be nominated but the snakes are too powerful and they didn’t nominate them. VIPS are too lazy to question why but we’d probably get some BS answer about MADE having individual singles and “not being an album” etc. Either way, FXXK IT, aka the song that topped MelOn for 19 straight days and has close to 2M in sales and 93M in streams, remains my SOTY.

Watching other fandoms mass vote every 5 minutes is exhausting and I’m not even participating. I can’t for voting to close, this whole thing so dramatic

LMAO honestly like the whole illegal votes removal yesterday – like their entire ceremony is fucked up lord even knows what “illegal” means to MNET.

Also…..they always give awards to those who come to the ceremony and they honestly probably have all the winners picked out. The voting is mainly geared towards international fans to generate hype and get clicks for MNET. They’re shady snakes I tell you!

who do you think will take artist of the year this year at mamas? i have feeling group wise nominations it’ll be between twice and wanna one and soloist wise maybe gd and iu.

Frankly I 100% believe it should be IU based on how crazy well she did this year but MAMA is a goddamn mess and award the people who go to the award show and IU announced that she’s not going… I’d then pick GD but lbr I’m betting he won’t go either……so yea either those two you mentioned (though wanna one has an edge since they’re MNET’s baby) or some other boygroup.

Did mnet “”””forgot””””” to put YG artists in some categories??????

If by forget you mean snub them due to their extreme hatred of YG and his artists despite having extremely good results this year then yes…..they “forgot”

KVIPs are asking for our help for voting 🙏🏼 Please follow these instructions to vote correctly and…

KVIPs are asking for our help for voting 🙏🏼 Please follow these instructions to vote correctly and most efficiently for GD.