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I’m confused with the Kwon twins enlistm…

I’m confused with the Kwon twins enlistment? They didn’t yet right? But then why didn’t they finish the tours and why did they shave their hair already? And do you know anything about Kush? It’s like he disappeared after his scandal. And I know it’s rare to see Teddy but I wonder how The Black Label is doing and I was really hoping to see a photo of him at YB’s wedding.

  • Kwon twins did enlist and are serving currently but they’re public service workers so they’re able to come home and use IG (which is why you see them posting)
  • Kush did disappear after his scandal and weirdly enough no more info came out from the Police’s side either and YG are not competent enough to hide anything (given how poorly they’ve handled the three prior drug scandals) so I really have no idea what happened to him but I hope he’s doing okay he has struggled with mental health issues 
  • TBL is doing fine but remember that Kush is involved there so maybe they’ve gone quiet b/c of that but Zion.T is doing some touring stuff and he’s under them. Teddy is super private we all know that so if he went he probably didn’t click any photos or privately wished them 

Who's Nate?

Who's Nate?

it’s not a person lol it’s a korean portal site that’s kinda like a forum that is notorious for being filled with teenage psycho fans who hate on everyone and everything and spread fake messes around that dispatch stalks and then blows up as a dumb article think of nate as like 4chan meets reddit meets tumblr’s psycho fandom stuff 

netizenbuzz (the site) is known to translate their comments to make it seem like everyone hates a certain group/artist when it’s like one of the least used korean sites compared to naver which is more representative of the public 

Can you please explain what zombies streamers …

Can you please explain what zombies streamers are? I can't understand 🤓

 fans of certain groups that can’t chart well during the day-time when the public are awake that stay awake from 1AM-5/6AM (fandom hours) to stream their favs’ songs to get them to number 1 on the charts. basically they mess up the charts during those hours b/c the public is asleep so the charts are easier to manipulate….

do you know the order of the upcoming Yg comeb…

do you know the order of the upcoming Yg comebacks?

right now it’s supposedly iKON (full album) + BLACKPINK (Jennie said they’re working on a full album) in January and WINNER in February. YG has also said to look out for a Mino solo album soon. 

did you hear that gaon won't release thei…

did you hear that gaon won't release their streams/downloads now?? why tf are they turning so shady….

this is so utterly ridiculous okay we basically are now not going to know how much any song sells or is streamed and gaon can now pull numbers from their ass for end of the year awards and media. like literally no one else counts this besides gaon? and they’ll probably release some end of the year chart but are we supposed to trust that like they could easily write whatever they want…..

anyway make way for more award manipulation and chaos! everyone who thought 2018 was gonna be better than 2017 have been found dead the fuckery continues 

BIGBANG Touring Numbers – 2017

  • BIGBANG are the Biggest KPop Touring Act of 2017 with 1,150,000+ attendees with only 27 shows 
  • GDragon’s MOTTE Tour attracted 650,000 attendees with 29 shows, making it the largest concert tour ever conducted by a Korean solo artist 
  • Daesung’s various concerts attracted 238,000 attendees with 43 shows 
  • Taeyang’s White Night tour attracted 180,000 attendees with 18 shows 
  • Overall, counting solo tours, BIGBANG met a total of 2,218,000 fans this year
  • Source

Kind of shocking that the first ep of livin a …

Kind of shocking that the first ep of livin a double life hasn't been subbed yet, but as a long time VIP I'm used to watching raw versions where bb are concerned?

Hiya I don’t know if you found subs yet but here is a link with all the vids and subs and specific Taeyang cuts:

It is pretty hard to find older variety shows that have good subs and quality tbh but these days I usually find subbed stuff on Twitter so try there also if you can’t find something! 

hi!! I'm a new bb (and generally kpop) fa…

hi!! I'm a new bb (and generally kpop) fan and I have some questions about fanmailing and I was told that you could possibly help me with that. Will it be okay if I sent you a message with my questions?

Of course! I have answered a question about sending stuff to BIGBANG before. I’ll link it below and see if it answers your question. If not, feel free to message me.

Welcome to the VIP fandom! 

i’m sorry if this is a dumb question but with all the mnet and voting stuff happening recently, i’ve been wondering where i can find music chart stats? i know vips are saying fxxk it did really well this year but i don’t know where any top 50 or top 100 song charts are? i’ve tried looking before but its confusing, i don’t know where to go, so i was wondering if you could point me in the right direction? (if not that’s okay too) sorry and thank you!!

Hi! For the annual charts you’ll have to wait for a few weeks they come out around the end of December. But if you want weekly stream, sales, and other info these are the sources I use: 

  1. kpopchartsdata and Shady_BIGBANG on Twitter post info about sales and streams all the time
  2. Gaon’s official site posts weekly charts (the site is in Korean but it’s really easy to navigate and Google Translate sorta works if you have an issue with that)
  3. BIGBANG’s Discography Wiki pages has info also 

Hope this helps ~

Apparently the app is working for voting

To anyone having issues with voting check this out. 

Also GD passed 2M votes for Best Male Artist! Please vote more for Artist of the Year ~