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i’m sorry if this is a dumb question but with all the mnet and voting stuff happening recently, i’ve been wondering where i can find music chart stats? i know vips are saying fxxk it did really well this year but i don’t know where any top 50 or top 100 song charts are? i’ve tried looking before but its confusing, i don’t know where to go, so i was wondering if you could point me in the right direction? (if not that’s okay too) sorry and thank you!!

Hi! For the annual charts you’ll have to wait for a few weeks they come out around the end of December. But if you want weekly stream, sales, and other info these are the sources I use: 

  1. kpopchartsdata and Shady_BIGBANG on Twitter post info about sales and streams all the time
  2. Gaon’s official site posts weekly charts (the site is in Korean but it’s really easy to navigate and Google Translate sorta works if you have an issue with that)
  3. BIGBANG’s Discography Wiki pages has info also 

Hope this helps ~

Apparently the app is working for voting

To anyone having issues with voting check this out. 

Also GD passed 2M votes for Best Male Artist! Please vote more for Artist of the Year ~

I didn’t understand that voting website 😿. Do we need to login in order to vote? And can we vote as many times as we want or only once a day? Sorry for asking so many questions

Hi! You can change the site from Korean to English in the upper right hand corner.

To vote, you need to login with either a Naver account or a Facebook account. You are allowed one vote a day but if you download some app (the pop up ad they show as soon as open the site) you’re allowed another vote.

Don’t ever stress about asking questions ~

Do you have any sources for the “talking about raping and killing little boys” thing? Apparently she is also gaining fans because she said she would date a girl. I am assuming you already heard that she is debuting in a girl group in January? I feel bad for the other girls who are gonna be in the group lol

Read this thread on twitter before it’s gone:

People are such idiots. Her sexuality doesn’t excuse her actions……as for her girlgroup how tf is that going to work. How is a company willing to create a group with her?! Money and backing are truly amazing things 😑


A goddamn dramatic unnecessary fucking mess that’s what.

But if you wanted an actual answer it’s gonna be called MIXNINE, airs in late October, and will consist of 400 trainees our dear Yang Sajang will handpick from various companies and YG trainees. JYP are confirmed to send trainees and SM might also. There will be two groups of 9 at the end (boys and girls) and those two will fight each other and only one will win. YG hasn’t said if it’s gonna be a long-lasting group (he said some “next Hallyu wave leader” BS) but given that the former IOI PD is behind it I’m thinking of a group similar to IOI/WANNA ONE. It’s probably more to expose the trainees to the world.

It’s going to be insane tbh small company trainees vs. massive company trainees, and then the whole gender vs. gender. Poor YG trainees who’ve been stuck in the dungeon forever are gonna battle so many trainees to debut ? YG and his love for drama sigh.

Do you know if the green MADE jackets the boys wore on their 2015 tour are sold anywhere?

check this site out : x  It was never officially sold by YG as merch in that color so the one that you can buy is a “replica” of the jacket. If you want an official one (it isn’t green) for MADE in Seoul, here is a link to purchase a black or white one that is sort of similar and here is a link to YGE shop’s black version of the green jacket.

Is Hanteo really not counting Chinese sales anymore??? ?

I don’t think they’ve been counting them for a while…..

Who has access to the Bullshit M/V when it is released?

It’s available “exclusively” on the USB that you would’ve received had you purchased the KWON JIYONG physical album.

However in this era of social media it’ll probably show up on YouTube or Instagram or Twitter soon enough. So I guess everyone will eventually see it.

Is Zico featuring on Youngbae’s album?

Yes he featured on the song TONIGHT.

The whole album is available on Spotify to stream.

Hi, people talk about Tablo’s scandal, but what was tablo’s scandal? Don’t want to google and caught up in fake koreaboo stuff.

Okay this is going to be LONG. Tablo’s scandal is the most stupid and ridiculous one to exist and a great example about how false netizen facts and jealousy can almost ruin someone’s life.

This happened before he was at YG. Tablo went to Stanford and graduated with a BA/MA in an accelerated time (almost half) thanks to extra classes AP credit etc. Some idiotic netizens didn’t believe that he was capable of doing that and there was a scandal going on in Korea during that time about fake degrees for celebs and business people. It ended up blowing up after some netizen said that his transcripts had “inconsistencies”. Tablo posted official transcripts, got letter from his professor, classmate testimonials but the public even refused to believe him and an anti-fancafe of almost 100K people began harassing him and his family.

He finally ended up having a DOCUMENTARY called “Tablo goes to Stanford” where he went in person to Stanford with a film crew and Stanford stood by him. Yet, the fancafe GAINED people and netizens kept their witch hunt going. Tablo left his agency so they wouldn’t get hurt.

Anyway, police finally confirmed a few months later that yes he had graduated from Stanford and with the help of Interpol (yes the big guns) found that the original netizen who started the rumor was an asshole from Chicago who couldn’t believe that Tablo did a 5 year program in under 5 years. A bunch of other people were convicted and sent to jail and Naver shut the cafe down.

YG eventually went ahead a bit later and signed Tablo and eventually all of EPIK HIGH despite the public not liking him and they slayed their comeback with amazing music and he gained lots of love again from his appearance on Superman with Haru ?

Basically it’s a great (and crappy) example of what a witch hunt can do just because someone is jealous. So watch your words online and be careful and kind…..celebs are just normal people.