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iKON’s official Comeback Teaser has been posted! They’ll have their comeback with a mini Album called ‘NEW KIDS: CONTINUE’ which will be released on August 2nd!

Not to be Controversial but uhhhh 2017’s…

Not to be Controversial but uhhhh 2017’s song of the year was the queen herself, Really Really. And I’m still salty that basically no one recognized it at the award shows. And I swear to GOD if they don’t give ikon song of the year for Love Scenario – there will be hell to pay. I will fight Mnet. That queen is still reigning.

YES YES YES YES YES we will never forget Queen Really Really she’s still on the charts she refuses to go down our true SOTY always in ours hearts. 

But 100% love scenario deserves SOTY it’s been RULING the charts it’s domination is insane it honestly has….maybe 2 competitors right now but iKON deserves that award hands down 

I was just wondering, did you listen to Bobbys…

I was just wondering, did you listen to Bobbys solo?

yes I did! i enjoyed his solo album a lot it’s a nice variety of songs but as usual YGE didn’t promote it well :/ nevertheless a super good album

did you see those fanwars between k-blinks and…

did you see those fanwars between k-blinks and k-ikonics???? they're gonna jump each other at yg fam concert this year ahfkfjfkfls

Yeaaaaaaaa it’s so…..basically for those who don’t know some K-ikonics are asking on YG’s IG to give iKON’s current stylist to BP b/c they don’t like them and then the two fandoms started posting rant tweets about each other and then the international fans got dragged in and sigh…..

YG fam is that dysfunctional fam who attack each other at Thanksgiving dinner and VIPs at this point are just like 


WINNER at 1, BIGBANG at 3, and iKON at 5 on Ko…

WINNER at 1, BIGBANG at 3, and iKON at 5 on Korea’s biggest chart. 
YG Boygroups did THAT 


YG after posting a poorly photoshopped comeback teaser pic on IG for his artist that has been missing for the past 6 months 


can't wait for year end award shows to pu…

can't wait for year end award shows to pull a really really with flower road and love scenario :/ :/ :/

just remembering what happened to really really makes me wanna cry i’ll never be over that queen being robbed but seriously… love scenario got like 200+ PAKs! and flower road is dominating the charts right now…..istg if YG artists get robbed again i’m going to be so pissed 

How to Report Antis and Malicious Rumors to YG…

If you haven’t heard yet, YGE has announced that they will be taking legal action (finally) against hate comments and articles against any YGE artist. They want fans to send them any kind of malicious postings and comments and people bullying YGE artists to the following email:

Please do not spam the email with comments about a certain group being a flop or anything similar (while that is hate it isn’t severe enough to take any action and you’re just going to be filling up their inbox with unnecessary stuff). The evidence should be sent as an image or a pdf. It can be a website, nickname, ID, or IP address.