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hi there! I hope you’re doing well! I just have a quick question about MAMA, i know it was rumoured (confirmed?) that GD and Taeyang would be attending but is there any chance for either of them to be nominated, or if they are already? I wasn’t able to find the nominees for 2017. And BB aren’t able to be nominated right? Because of when their album was released?

  1. GD and Taeyang are supposedly going to MAMA Hong Kong but given that YG has not confirmed anything when lots of other artists are confirmed….I suppose the YG absence continues. So cheers to another year of terrible ratings for MAMA ~
  2. The nominees are on their website!
  3. BIGBANG’s last comeback actually is eligible to be nominated but the snakes are too powerful and they didn’t nominate them. VIPS are too lazy to question why but we’d probably get some BS answer about MADE having individual singles and “not being an album” etc. Either way, FXXK IT, aka the song that topped MelOn for 19 straight days and has close to 2M in sales and 93M in streams, remains my SOTY.

Knetz would be pissed off if IU, Jiyong and Winner don’t get their rightful awards. Also I wish Jieun get Album of the Year because Palette is such a solid album but I know it’s going to a Kpop group.

You’re so damn right the general public Knetz are pretty pissed but MelOn Music are probably going to give awards to those three 🙂 they even nominated BIGBANG for a Top 10 Award cause they know real talent.

Palette was a wonderful album! Kwon Jiyong also. Those two albums deserve soooo many awards that they probably are not going to get 🙁  

jiyong and daesung at the police?? so cute

They weren’t at the police station it was a district government office (which is weird since enlistment is usually not done there) but yes – SO CUTE! I feel like Daesung and GD haven’t hung out publically for a while so it was so nice to see them reunite…

But our silly boys apparently forgot some papers and had to go back without finishing whatever job they went there to do LMAO. Some C-VIPs were joking that they finally registered their marriage after the honeymoon in Hawaii 😀

gd’s chin, beard, and now chandelier are getting articles with 10-20,000 upvotes. what kind of relevance?

truly iconic. the chandelier is on it’s way to become the nation’s chandelier. 

Jiyong is way too nice for this world should’ve made this dickhead pay more 

Jiyong is way too nice for this world should’ve made this dickhead pay more 

KVIPs are asking for our help for voting 🙏🏼 Please follow these instructions to vote correctly and…

KVIPs are asking for our help for voting 🙏🏼 Please follow these instructions to vote correctly and most efficiently for GD.


still cant vote on that website wannabe, no matter what i use tumblr twitter or naver, nothing works. have you voted?

Yes I have I used Twitter as my login and it took a few times cause the site kept crashing. 

My best advice is to keep going at it….the site is truly a disaster. Also make sure to register before signing in to vote and check for a confirmation of your vote after you’ve voted. …

GD is leading Best Male Artist with over 60% of the votes so keep voting for that and Artist of the Year (he needs more votes here). 

how do i even vote for MAMA because every time i try to sign in with my socail media it doesnt work :(

Did you try this link? It is a bit slow and crashes often due to a lot of voting but I’ve heard it works better on Mobile.

You are allowed one vote per one ID a day and you have to vote for all categories.

GD is nominated for Best Male Artist and Artist of the Year. He is currently leading for Best Male Artist so that’s our best shot at getting him a win. 

Are GDYB really going to MAMA? Do you think they gonna release something before that? Good boy part 2 ? ;)

Yea there’s a lot of sources saying so and some big BIGBANG update accounts are posting that they are going to MAMA HK so it’s pretty much confirmed.

It’d be really cool tho if they did some kind of a collab the set-list is saying that they’re gonna perform CRAYON (which makes no sense tbh) so maybe they have something new planned and are just using CRAYON as a disguise 👀👀

I hope GD disses MNET/MAMA this year


Like he could finish Untitled and everyone would be all TT and then BAM! he starts crazy rapping and shits all over MNET/MAMA and then leaves.