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Probably the worst online dating interaction I’ve had. A year ago today. 🤢


Yeah that’s a no from me mate…

I haven’t bothered with online dating in ages because of having been banned from tinder and because I’ve had many Indians and Nigerians in my Facebook inboxes so I haven’t felt the need to deal with fuckboys there. But I was bored tonight so I did. It took me forever to remember my username and password though and I ended up having to reset the password because it’s been so long. Still: meet James. James likes anal. (And thinks the word is cunf not cunt in case you couldn’t work that one out on your own…. )

I actually don’t. In fact I think I’d be lucky to name a couple of each of their songs. But it was enough to scare Bobby boy away….

His loss- he could have invested in my lovely new invention…. 🤷‍♀️

He blocked me after that. Which was no fun as I had a whole more story to tell him. 🙁