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Happy 12th Anniversary to BIGBANG and VIP! It has been a long, and at times difficult, road we’ve been traveling on and yet it’s the only road I would ever want to take. 

12 years ago, five boys came together with a simple dream of making music together and ended up being the greatest boyband of our times. Their influence on the industry and music cannot be described in words, because there’s no way to quantify it.  

Thank you Choi Seunghyun, Kwon Jiyong, Dong Youngbae, Lee Seunghyun, and Kang Daesung for making my life so beautiful, for giving us such stunning music, and for all the precious memories. 

I hope that we can walk together for as long as you all choose to. As VIP, we promise to be with you until whenever. 


do you ever just miss bigbang so much that every single cell in your body hurts?


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Daesung 😭


the most beautiful emotion is joy – kds

♡ happy birthday daesung ♡


happy birthday to our fantastic boy


A wild daesung appeared. I'm so happy 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭

SAME!!!! He looks adorable and healthy and happy <3



daesung and gd dancing to ‘pick me’

Daesung managed to remain a ninja in the military i'm shocked

honestly how does he manage to do it?! like we have zero pictures zero updates once a ninja always a ninja 

speaking of him knetz online are wondering who’s taking care of his wife and 8 kids while he’s gone 😂😂😂

  • Broke the record for most unique listeners on MelOn for a group song (previous record holder was FXXK IT and all top songs are BIGBANG)
  • Ranked 5th in list of highest unique listeners of all time
  • Highest unique listener count of 2018
  • Debuted at number 1 on WW iTunes chart making it the 1st to do so in 2018
  • Received it’s first Certified All Kill at 2PM KST and is currently at 8 
  • Certified double platinum on QQ Music (China’s MelOn)
  • Broke record for most MelOn roof hits for 2018 

A gift song released by a hiatus 12 year old group with 4/5 members in the military did THAT. Flower Road is one powerful Queen!