blackpink for cosmopolitan korea

who is ur fav blackpink member?????

i think i’ve mentioned it before but it’s Jisoo she’s been my bias from the start 


Do you think Blackpink owes their success to Teddy or themselves? Would they be as successful as they are now if they were in a different agency? Genuine questions, I don't want anyone to think this is hate

Hmmmm this sort of ventures into the Big 3 privilege topic that has gained traction a lot over these years. As for your question I think Teddy/YGE’s association only plays an initial role in a song gaining interest but after that it’s BLACKPINK and the song itself that makes or breaks the comeback. With DX4 the public have embraced the song and it’s topping charts over a month later. 

Would they have gotten this much initial exposure if they weren’t in YGE? probably not. BUT after that exposure, either the public embraces a group or it doesn’t. There are multiple BIG3 acts who are not doing well publicly (not going to state them cause i don’t want crazies in my inbox lol). BLACKPINK have built a good reputation for themselves now they’ve had 4 back to back hit comebacks. Basically, I do think that Teddy and YGE did and do play a role but the rest is on them and the song quality (which again sort of leads back to Teddy being a REALLY good producer) 

Did you hear how Blackpink was stopped in the middle of their performance at the Forever Young Lotte? I guess there was people still waiting to get into the venue. Wow!


YEA I saw that I felt so awkward and bad for the girls how terrible must that be Lotte really are unprofessional af like why start the concert if you knew people were not all seated? They stopped BTOB also honestly what a mess I highly doubt YG will ever send them back to that concert they didn’t even get a chance to perform DDU DU 🙁

woahhh blackpink's square up is now the best selling YGE album of 2018 and it's only been like 4/5 days!

I saw omg they’re going to hit 100k either today or tomorrow that’s INSANE for a girlgroup (I think only TWICE have managed to do that this year!) 

But yea for a YGE group (physicals are never their strength) this is really awesome I’m happy that BLINKS are so supportive towards the girls hopefully YG sees this and keeps them out of the dungeon this comeback showed how powerful they are….

Presenting: Seungri aka BLACKPINK’s hidden 5th member 

you know what's happening with DDU-DU DDU-DU reminds me of kind of what happened with BANGX3 like the response from the international fandom bangx3 got so much hate and people going on about how BB released such a mediocre song and BP are getting similar hate for the lyrics not being too good, beat being flat, etc. but both songs killed it in Korea and smashed YT records, etc. it's interesting

ooooooh that’s actually a really accurate analogy yes the situations are very similar. i think sometimes people take KPop a bit too seriously and expect like….magnificent poetic lyrics and super fresh sounding stuff when sometimes all you need is a simple banger and D4/BANGX3 delivered that for me they’re fun, upbeat, catchy songs (and both have finger guns!!)

anyway i never find it useful to focus on the negative nancys they’re usually pissed that a certain comeback was more successful than they imagined it to be. BP are doing very well this comeback and it’s what the girlies deserve

Did you listen to Blackpinks album? I really love it, even the unusual transitions. Its different and not generic. It fits them. Like everything was unexpected and jisoo killed it especially with her rapping. I really underestimated her. The album grew on me tbh but still. I noticed few things lmao i thought i share it since you like yg groups in general and will probably understand what i mean.

Yes I loved it the 4 songs are a great representation of BLACK and PINK also they all sound super amazing. Jisoo rapping and Lisa singing were the 2 greatest surprises but yea Jisoo has improved a TON this comeback (she’s my bias btw!) I’m so proud of her she’s incredible. 

Teddy fucking snapped. He really outdid himself. Jesus Christ.

HONESTLY oh my god i’m on the floor DDU-DU DDU-DU is officially my favorite BLACKPINK title song (but my fav song on the album is REALLY it’s giving me iKON/WINNER vibes also like someone needs to do a mashup of Love Scenario, Everday, and Really). 

The song snapped the beat snapped the RAP PARTS oh my GODDD (JENNIE ESPECIALLY) the choreo the MV just looks so expensive YG outdid themselves.

Also congrats to the girlies for their realtime all-kills they’re number 1 on all charts in Korea and in so many countries how amazing!!!! They also made their own IG accounts like??? What a blessed day to be a blink