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is it true that bigbang were originally named …

is it true that bigbang were originally named diamond?

Yes lol and their original stage names were (GD’s was still GD): 

  • Mark (TOP)
  • Big Castle (Daesung)
  • Sonic (Seungri) 
  • Taekwon (Youngbae) 

Thank GOD YG changed his mind 

so only gdyb are enlisting together? what abou…

so only gdyb are enlisting together? what about daesung and seungri? i'm so confused

GD and Youngbae are enlisting in early Spring (given that YB’s wedding is next month and he’s not going on a Honeymoon I’m thinking a March enlistment). 

Daesung is also enlisting this year also but not with GDYB (probably a Fall enlistment). Seungri is not enlisting this year but will most likey go sometime late next year. TOP will be done with his service around Summer 2019. 

bigbang won a bonsang last night!

bigbang won a bonsang last night!

will MADE ever calm down??? let’s remember that the main comeback was in 2015 and these 3 songs got released in 2016 and now have gotten them an award in 2018…..they’re really THAT group and there will never be another one like them thanks for listening to my TED talk 

lucidkwon: the children yelling mcdonalds meme…


the children yelling mcdonalds meme but with bigbang 



When you’re hell bent on hating Yang Hyun Suk forever no matter what but he out there posting pics with Tabi and talking about how BIGBANG is five people forever.



Me scrolling through all these Last Dance updates and pictures while I’m almost 7,000 miles away and realizing this is really the final BIGBANG concert for years. 

Hyung, do you know any official sites that wou…

Hyung, do you know any official sites that would stream Big Bang's concert on the 30th or 31st? V-Live streamed the 0 to 10 concert last time but I don't think there's any announcement of them doing it again for the Last Dance final. Thank you very much!

Hi! Nope V-Live is not streaming the concert sadly but it will be live-streaming on Joox. Joox is available in Malaysia, Thailand, Indonesia and Hong Kong so if you’re not in those countries, you can either get someone from there to register an account for you, download it on iTunes with a changed ID from those countries, or try using a VPN for the web version.

I found these two threads on Twitter that go more into detail and have people who can help you if you can’t figure it out: x x

If all of this doesn’t work, you can find live-updates on Twitter and there will 100% be fan-cams available after the concert. 

I'm about to delete my IG and Twitter acc…

I'm about to delete my IG and Twitter accounts. It's so toxic out there. Crazy shippers, fighting with other fandoms about how status and awards, arguments with each other's over petty shit. Was it like this during their last hiatus?

Yooo same it’s so freaking wild. Literally everyone was preaching about how we all should try to get along after the terrible events of the past week but went back to their BS hours later. 

Honestly it’s always like this. I don’t get people who say KPop was more peaceful back then I mean sure social media wasn’t that big so you couldn’t go attack people as much but fanwars have always been there and VIPs have been in them for each generation tbh……best thing you can do is block the idiots, follow people who don’t start shit, and just support BIGBANG to your best ability. And if social media is affecting you negatively mentally just take some time off it’s totally okay.