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aren't we glad for seungri's loose m…

aren't we glad for seungri's loose mouth!! also real glad the netizen comments on articles on naver are protecting our ot5 <3

god bless our maknae yes! yea naver knetz are basically saying how if flower road had flopped like most artists’ military/hiatus work does no one would care but b/c it’s bigbang/seunghyun and it’s topping the charts dispatch is starting a ruckus even YG was over their shit look at his latest IG post 

part of me just wants bigbang to move to that …

part of me just wants bigbang to move to that vineyard seunghyun bought in argentina (??) after their service im so over korean journalists and knetz being such assholes to them 24×7

wow this is a mood (and yes it was argentina)


I checked naver top 100 and bigbang was 8th an…

I checked naver top 100 and bigbang was 8th and i was like what is going on? Turns out it was 4am in Korea.. zombie streamers xd anyways they're back at number 1 so it's all good . Btw now whenever I listen to flower road I hear magical cream instead of magical queen… thanks for that xd

Zombie streamers are insane lol but yea BIGBANG have been holding their number 1 on the charts for a good week now and especially on MelOn (aka the chart that matters). 

Istg once you hear magical cream there is NO going back the song like Tabi/Jiyong wrote such a beautiful lyric about VIPs being their magical queens and my dumbass ruined it 

So the flowers represent each member but do yo…

So the flowers represent each member but do you know which flower is which member and why?? Is it their favorite flowers and colors or something??

No I don’t know I actually just think they’re flowers the YG photoshop intern picked tbh but I do think the yellow in the middle is to represent not just a member but VIP also

The news is LYING the boys are not at their mi…

The news is LYING the boys are not at their military training camps, they're actually camping out on Melon's roof. #TrueFacts


Queen Flower Road already has 17 roof hits MelOn will need a new roof after this slayage 

Flower Road – 24+ Hours 🌸

  • Broke the record for most unique listeners on MelOn for a group song (previous record holder was FXXK IT and all top songs are BIGBANG)
  • Ranked 5th in list of highest unique listeners of all time
  • Highest unique listener count of 2018
  • Debuted at number 1 on WW iTunes chart making it the 1st to do so in 2018
  • Received it’s first Certified All Kill at 2PM KST and is currently at 8 
  • Certified double platinum on QQ Music (China’s MelOn)
  • Broke record for most MelOn roof hits for 2018 

A gift song released by a hiatus 12 year old group with 4/5 members in the military did THAT. Flower Road is one powerful Queen!

i was so scared that the public would reject b…

i was so scared that the public would reject bigbang after the scandal last year but they truly will never let them go

there’s a reason why they’ve held onto the title of nation’s boygroup for the past 12 years……this is why you really can’t base any judgement on a few articles and comments. bigbang’s legacy is cemented forever. south korea will make sure they keep winning and making music until they’re like 80…..this cycle has repeated so many times. scandal –> salty knetz call them flops and that they’re over –> they come back with a bang. it’s just how kings work. 


I don’t think people are realizing how insane FLOWER ROAD’s records are. It’s a GIFT song that will get ZERO promotions from a group that debuted 12 FREAKING YEARS AGO. They’re on hiatus! It’s their first group release after such difficult events last year and without the help of zombie streamers or massive media-play by YG they’ve taken over every chart. 

BIGBANG will never reach their “peak” of success they just keep redefining the word. There literally is no competition it’s only BIGBANG and everyone else. No one else from their generation is capable of doing this well digitally anymore. We’ve always known that VIPs will stick with BIGBANG forever but to see that the public will constantly support their music no matter what is so heartwarming. The nation’s boygroup. Forever and always. 

Flower Road: Chart + Records Summary/Update 9P…

  1. Debuted at #1 on MelOn, Korea’s biggest music streaming chart 
  2. Received first real-time all-kill at 8PM KST 
  3. Over 92,000 unique listeners in the 1st hour alone
  4. 358,025 listeners in 3 hours 
  5. First MelOn Roof Hit 2 hours later at 8PM KST
  6. Is currently walking MelOn’s roof 
  7. The top 7 songs on MelOn’s rising chart are all BIGBANG/Solo songs with LIES at 6 
  8. Was certified GOLD on China’s QQ Music in just 40 minutes and is now heading towards Platinum 
  9. Has entered the top 10 of INSTIZ (cumulative ranking of all charts)
  10. Trending number 1 Worldwide 

Just a casual reminder that BIGBANG are in their 12th year, on hiatus, and this is a GIFT song with zero promotions. The nation’s boygroup. There is no competition. 

thekoreanbigbang: BIGBANG – 꽃 길 (Flower Road)


BIGBANG – 꽃 길 (Flower Road)