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Happy 12th Anniversary to BIGBANG and VIP! It has been a long, and at times difficult, road we’ve been traveling on and yet it’s the only road I would ever want to take. 

12 years ago, five boys came together with a simple dream of making music together and ended up being the greatest boyband of our times. Their influence on the industry and music cannot be described in words, because there’s no way to quantify it.  

Thank you Choi Seunghyun, Kwon Jiyong, Dong Youngbae, Lee Seunghyun, and Kang Daesung for making my life so beautiful, for giving us such stunning music, and for all the precious memories. 

I hope that we can walk together for as long as you all choose to. As VIP, we promise to be with you until whenever. 


I wanna know, you keep catching my eye
I’m getting interested in you, lose control

Seungri ft. MinoWHERE R U FROM?

Seungri and MinoWHERE ARE U FROM MV 

Just in case people haven’t seen this but Youngbae had a “mini-concert” on July 4th at a Military Band Concert and the fanboys in the audience are amazing 

What people should be asking tbh is: Who is paying Dispatch and what are they covering up this time that they're targeting BIGBANG again for the nth time

KVIPs have done massive research and have dug out lots of receipts that show people who Dispatch is covering if you check Twitter you can find a lot of it but yea basically whenever they start dragging BIGBANG through the mud again you can be sure it’s to hide a bigger scandal they’re horrid 

Seungri will make his comeback on July 20th!

Presenting: Seungri aka BLACKPINK’s hidden 5th member 


Best Female Soloist chosen was IU 


you know what's happening with DDU-DU DDU-DU reminds me of kind of what happened with BANGX3 like the response from the international fandom bangx3 got so much hate and people going on about how BB released such a mediocre song and BP are getting similar hate for the lyrics not being too good, beat being flat, etc. but both songs killed it in Korea and smashed YT records, etc. it's interesting

ooooooh that’s actually a really accurate analogy yes the situations are very similar. i think sometimes people take KPop a bit too seriously and expect like….magnificent poetic lyrics and super fresh sounding stuff when sometimes all you need is a simple banger and D4/BANGX3 delivered that for me they’re fun, upbeat, catchy songs (and both have finger guns!!)

anyway i never find it useful to focus on the negative nancys they’re usually pissed that a certain comeback was more successful than they imagined it to be. BP are doing very well this comeback and it’s what the girlies deserve

do you ever just miss bigbang so much that every single cell in your body hurts?