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I fucking love BIGBANG

I fucking love BIGBANG

Wait wait 27 MILLION???????? 😳😳😳😳 I thought GD was the richest among them and he had like 30M with everything included but apparently no. Im seriously so proud rn i feel like a mom 😂 also i think you would know, what brings the most income for BB probably not physical sales right?

I honestly thought I did the conversion wrong a few times $27M is insane! 

All of BIGBANG are rich af GD’s income gets reported on a lot more often in the media due to all his royalties. I mean TOP mentioned that he bought a vineyard so they’re all quite well off. It’s all the fruit of their 11 years of hard labor they worked from the bottom up and deserve it….from sleeping with rats to being the reason why YG is a Big 3 company. So proud. 

Nah it’s not their physical sales BIGBANG are digital kings. It’s their touring they’ve been touring for 12 years with over 340 shows. Their touring numbers and sales are insane it’s how they landed on Forbes. That’s why YG is forcing so much touring on them this year it’s how YG is financed. 


In USD that’s a building that costs $27,804,210 with a monthly…

In USD that’s a building that costs $27,804,210 with a monthly rent of $85,222.

Rich legend!!!

I just read read that South Korea and China agree to normalize relations after THAAD fallout. My theory is YG wanted to wait for THADD to normalize so that Seungri can promote in China as he is really popular over there. What do you think? Fingers crossed!

Oooh maybe! I’ve seen airport videos of Seungri in China and the crowds are WILD he’s adored there (as he should be!!!) But yes the relations are coming back to normal slowly lots of dramas featuring Korean stars are getting air dates and we’re probably going to get Seungri and TOP’s Chinese movies soon. 

YG is def. going to take advantage of this BIGBANG’s popularity in China as a whole is ridiculous – Kwon Jiyong was certified 3X Diamond by QQ this year and made $1.24M USD, BIGBANG are the most followed on QQ Music, are the 2nd most streamed artist of all time on QQ, etc. 

I won’t be shocked if YG manages to throw in some China concerts right before they enlist he’d mint money from them. 

i’m sorry if this is a dumb question but with all the mnet and voting stuff happening recently, i’ve been wondering where i can find music chart stats? i know vips are saying fxxk it did really well this year but i don’t know where any top 50 or top 100 song charts are? i’ve tried looking before but its confusing, i don’t know where to go, so i was wondering if you could point me in the right direction? (if not that’s okay too) sorry and thank you!!

Hi! For the annual charts you’ll have to wait for a few weeks they come out around the end of December. But if you want weekly stream, sales, and other info these are the sources I use: 

  1. kpopchartsdata and Shady_BIGBANG on Twitter post info about sales and streams all the time
  2. Gaon’s official site posts weekly charts (the site is in Korean but it’s really easy to navigate and Google Translate sorta works if you have an issue with that)
  3. BIGBANG’s Discography Wiki pages has info also 

Hope this helps ~


Cause MNET is being a bitter ex about YG and refused to nominate BIGBANG and WINNER aka two boy groups who killed the charts.

Can’t wait for YG to announce that no YG artists are going to MAMA! Fingers crossed!

If you can’t maturely handle the idea of a BIGBANG member having a female friend or spending time…

If you can’t maturely handle the idea of a BIGBANG member having a female friend or spending time with a female and leave hate on an innocent woman’s social media… you really deserve to be called a fan?

Hint – the answer is NO.

Who do you find the most attractive in bigbang

I find all 5 of them attractive I can’t pick one member they’re all attractive in very different ways. Like GD’s androgynous features are very captivating…and TOP’s super chiseled face….and then you have Taeyang’s beautiful skin and body, Daesung’s incredible shoulders and thighs and smile and Seungri’s legs and his jawline this list can go on an on.

I will never understand people who call BIGBANG ugly. There’s more to people than their height and conventional attractiveness.BIGBANG have this very raw sexiness to them.

someone please save him 


someone please save him