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blackpinkofficial: [OFFICIAL] BLACKPINK’s Offi…


[OFFICIAL] BLACKPINK’s Official Lightstick! 

Release Date: May 28th

Price: 20,000KRW


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KAKAOTALK 선물하기 : (Only Mobile) KAKOTALK – 브랜드 BLACKPINK 
NAVER Smart Store : 

YG Entertainment says BIGBANG Daesung was hosp…


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a glo-up

a glo-up

Okay but YG was hospitalized for a month tho w…

Okay but YG was hospitalized for a month tho which explains why things are slower than usual. I'm upset with the usual delays, but a little humanity from fans would be appreciated. His case is serious too, I think? If it gets worse, he might need surgery for it.

ahhh I saw that also I feel bad now everyone is a human at the end of the day even though we disagree with a lot of things Sajang-nim does I really hope no one leaves any nasty comments under that IG post

He suffered a herniated disc in his neck which caused severe pain and required hospitalization for a month but he said he’s back to work now and will focus on BP, Seungri, SK, and Lee Hi 



Happy Birthday to our dancing king, Dong Youngbae! ❤️

GD has been admitted to a university hospital …


*According to reports, he has been having ankle pain before he enlisted and surgery was recommended by the university hospital after he was transferred from military hospital.

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Blackpink's comeback got moved to JUNE. J…

Blackpink's comeback got moved to JUNE. JUNE!!!!!!!! IM SO UPSET

June of this year??? Who even knows anymore I’m exhausted they deserve SO MUCH BETTER they have such a massive International following if YG had any brains he’d take advantage of that and put them on a touring schedule and release more Korean songs to increase their presence in SK (which is already amazing given how they only have FIVE SONGS) 

YG is laughing at all of us becoming boo boo the fool over and over again 

Ignite is finally out and I am so excited!!!! …

Ignite is finally out and I am so excited!!!! Is there a chance to find out how well it is doing ?

SAME it’s so good! Ignite peaked on iTunes:

No.1 in total 3 countries
Top 5 in 9 countries
Top 10 in 13 countries and it’s entered a lot of top charts on Spotify 🔥 If you needed more chart updates K_life88 on Twitter has them!!!

Psy is probably as bemused as we are by the ma…

Psy is probably as bemused as we are by the marketing intern who doesn’t have a clue… did anyone ever decide on a name for the mystery intern?

LMAO PSY did leave YG though YG confirmed it BUT our marketing intern does not have a name we gotta name this poor college kid who is handling that mess of a company

sowonis: happy birthday, iu! ♡


happy birthday, iu! ♡