Ugh knetz still so damn salty abt Tabi like he…

Ugh knetz still so damn salty abt Tabi like he cant even go out to eat without them bitching abt him “having it so easy”. Idk why they treat him like he committed a murder or something. Should’ve just avoided reading those comments but I couldnt help it. Psssshhh…Knetz dont deserve happiness either if all they have to offer is shitty comments and hate

woww i honestly don’t even check those netizen translation blogs anymore or read comments in general tbh they just give me major headaches and don’t provide any new info so……but yeaaaaaaaaaa don’t expect them to ease up anytime soon (if ever) it’s easy to bitch behind a screen and knetz (especially those from nate which is prob the comments you’ve read if they’re from NB) are experts at that. 

people need to go outside or move on. he went through the trial, took his punishment, matter over. all i wish for Tabi is to be healthy and happy and safe after that horrendous month last year seeing him out and about eating with friends and living normally makes me happy id’ be worried if he was just isolating himself.