BIGBANG = forever relevant. Lol they can be ou…

BIGBANG = forever relevant. Lol they can be out of the spotlight and still on the minds of fans and haters alike 😂 (BTW, you are 100% my fave bigbang blog. If there's something potentially bad going on with bb you always respond in a way that eases my anxiety, and the way you continue to uphold bb and their achievements after all these years? You legit make me as proud to be a VIP as the bois themselves do. Thanks for everything :^) )

THANK YOU OMG this is so sweet *sends 1000000 virtual hugs* 

BIGBANG will be relevant for the next 100 years like they’re the only ones from their generation who still have this much power over the charts and whose breathing can cause so much noise we stan their powerful minds