Also people are coming for bigbang and say how…

Also people are coming for bigbang and say how male always gets away with it which I agree and how they’re not into bigbang anymore bc of the biasness. As much as it’s much easier for males to get away the main point here is that yg didn’t fucking handle shit properly and yg is to fucking blame here not bigbang over here.

i agree that the industry is harder for females for sure but the three cases (jiyong, tabi, and bom) are very different you can’t just group them under the same umbrella the circumstances and the actual incidents are varied. For example Tabi’s blew up more than Jiyong’s even because he was serving in the military and Bom’s was more of a “smuggling” (i hate that word a lot but it’s the official wording it got ugh)) thing. 

at the end of the day YG’s poor PR skills doomed these cases and the people even more but he did put out statements about Bom’s case back then but it was just too late and not….convincing enough. the whole thing sucks so much and basically people are saying that the only reason her case was brought up again by MBC (who by the way are currently under a huge corruption/poor treatment of employees scandal) was b/c of another scandal involving an airlines company. the world and media shady as fuck and those with the most power always win…..