Note: These tips cropped up in one of the articles I was reading whilst researching my next blog post and I thought I’d post them here. Though I should add a caveat here that it’s never black and white when it comes to weight loss. Everyone knows that there are reasons why people may find it hard to lose weight or conversely to put weight on. I know that you may be thinking the stereotypical thin superficial man/hot chick fitness guru thought of yeah blame your thyroid not the fact you sit on your fat arse all day eating crap food. Well to those people I present myself as exhibit A. I’ve had my thyroid out. Nothing to do with being fat. But rather I had a huge nodule growing on my thyroid to the point it was impacting my airways and ability to swallow and breathe well so I had to have it out. Furthermore with 71 back ops I can pretty much say unequivocally that it does affect your ability to exercise and that it’s so not an excuse. I’d love those people to spend 24 hours in my shoes, maybe without the huge doses of narcotics required to just get through the day to the point of getting out of bed and existing not even in living, and then tell me I’m lazy. I fucking dare them. No. I double dare them.

5 Quick Weight Loss Boosting Tips for Women

1. Remember that slow and steady wins the race. Don’t be discouraged when the scale only dips a pound (or even less) each week. If you’re dieting with a husband, brother or male friend, resist the urge to compare weekly weigh-ins. He may have more to lose, or his body may naturally burn more fat than yours, but that doesn’t make your progress any less of a source of pride.

2. Don’t fall for detoxes, cleanses, crash diets or other scams. These types of quick-fix “shortcuts” seem to be marketed more to women. If it sounds too good to be true, it’s probably an unhealthy and unsustainable route to weight loss.

3. Don’t weigh yourself every day. To avoid feeling discouraged by hormone-induced fluctuations day by day, switch to monthly weigh-ins.

4. Escape from the cardio trap. There is a place for cardio in every exercise plan, but if you’re spending hours each week on the treadmill or the sidewalk and seeing little change, step outside of your comfort zone and try some free weights or weight machines. Building more muscle mass is the single most effective way to burn fat and calories more efficiently, and to close the gender weight loss gap.

5. Be compassionate to yourself. Women are naturally more self-critical than men, and also more fixated (perhaps even obsessive) about their weight loss efforts. This can lead to a cycle of self-deprivation, intense exercise and guilt when the desired results don’t come quickly enough. Ever notice that men seem to lose weight without really thinking about it or trying too hard? Strive to accept your body as it is, and look at weight loss as a bonus of healthy living instead of the sole reason for it.