I’m confused with the Kwon twins enlistm…

I’m confused with the Kwon twins enlistment? They didn’t yet right? But then why didn’t they finish the tours and why did they shave their hair already? And do you know anything about Kush? It’s like he disappeared after his scandal. And I know it’s rare to see Teddy but I wonder how The Black Label is doing and I was really hoping to see a photo of him at YB’s wedding.

  • Kwon twins did enlist and are serving currently but they’re public service workers so they’re able to come home and use IG (which is why you see them posting)
  • Kush did disappear after his scandal and weirdly enough no more info came out from the Police’s side either and YG are not competent enough to hide anything (given how poorly they’ve handled the three prior drug scandals) so I really have no idea what happened to him but I hope he’s doing okay he has struggled with mental health issues 
  • TBL is doing fine but remember that Kush is involved there so maybe they’ve gone quiet b/c of that but Zion.T is doing some touring stuff and he’s under them. Teddy is super private we all know that so if he went he probably didn’t click any photos or privately wished them