Would you repost the breakdown of how Korean m…

Would you repost the breakdown of how Korean music chart work?

Of course! Let me know if you need more than what’s below

MelOn is the biggest and most important music streaming service. INSTIZ takes all the charts and combines their data together for the iChart that decides PAKs and CAKs. 

Roof Hit: so many users are listening to a certain song that it “hits” the roof of MelOn’s streaming system. Song is basically being streamed a lot and usually they happen during peak streaming hours (8AM – 1AM)

PAK: It means that on every music streaming site, the song is #1 on realtime and daily scores, including iChart’s weekly score. BIGBANG and iKON are the only BGs to achieve this. 

CAK: #1 on all realtime and daily scores for all charts EXCEPT the weekly iChart score.

AK: #1 on all realtime charts. Now this is a bit easier since big fandoms can stream like crazy at random hours when the public is asleep and get their song #1.