Flower Road: Chart + Records Summary/Update 9P…

  1. Debuted at #1 on MelOn, Korea’s biggest music streaming chart 
  2. Received first real-time all-kill at 8PM KST 
  3. Over 92,000 unique listeners in the 1st hour alone
  4. 358,025 listeners in 3 hours 
  5. First MelOn Roof Hit 2 hours later at 8PM KST
  6. Is currently walking MelOn’s roof 
  7. The top 7 songs on MelOn’s rising chart are all BIGBANG/Solo songs with LIES at 6 
  8. Was certified GOLD on China’s QQ Music in just 40 minutes and is now heading towards Platinum 
  9. Has entered the top 10 of INSTIZ (cumulative ranking of all charts)
  10. Trending number 1 Worldwide 

Just a casual reminder that BIGBANG are in their 12th year, on hiatus, and this is a GIFT song with zero promotions. The nation’s boygroup. There is no competition.