Youngbae ain’t got no chill. He out ther…

Youngbae ain’t got no chill. He out there still liking ig posts like dude it’s happening in front of you and still gonna be like woah I need to show I like it bc it ain’t liking it if you don’t ig like it hahahahahaha. Sister in law needs to take his phone and be like ay yo, can you just focus. I know our dope wedding is trending but like we happening in real time and you out there liking posts like you didn’t just see it. Hahaha i love yb.

LMAOOO I saw that like son it’s your wedding! Get off your phone!

The wedding was so precious I love how Youngbae was just dancing with everyone and being his crazy self it was pretty much everything I thought would happen when he got married. Truly a magical day.