Lmao did you see some Knetz trying to stir up …

Lmao did you see some Knetz trying to stir up shit after SMA. They said that the Unnie line of BP left the maknaes alone at the end of the show and I'm just like??? I think this is cuz Red Velvet and Blackpink are hanging out a lot at award shows and they've become really good friends and haters are feeling jealous and pressed (when do they not). The OP posted that they were "sad" about this lmao there was literally nothing like that so there's nothing to feel sad about.

I saw that it’s so freaking annoying. I truly love how this new generation of girlgroups are out here supporting each other, being friendly, having each other’s backs, and seeing past the whole competition thing. It’s such a change from how cold the other gen gg’s were (and in a way forced to be) with each other. I love their friendships it’s exactly how it should be and such posts are absolutely unnecessary. RV and BP are good friends with each other and it would be nice if the fandoms could get along also. 

Such posts, especially if they gain traction (which thankfully this didn’t since fans shut OP down), can cause issues. People need to think before typing stuff out idols are real people making assumptions based on a few small videos is not okay.