Ahh thank you for all you said abt BB and wher…

Ahh thank you for all you said abt BB and where they stand bc tbh I get weirdly worried when ppl come after them as if they havent done shit or that they somehow need to keep competing but the idea that they arent even in the race just explains everything… they have nothing to prove anymore lol scholars have said it now. Im a bit more at ease that they’ll be ok whenever they come back 🙂

you’re welcome! there is no need to worry bigbang’s relevance isn’t something to take lightly the smallest thing they do makes top headlines korea isn’t going to let them go easily. they’ll be back before you know it!

it’s honestly unfair to even compare current groups to bigbang’s legacy because of how much bigbang have achieved for themselves and for the industry as a whole. respecting older groups and their contributions is an important thing to do and while it’s hard to expect anything from antis, respect or at least them not being annoyed by bigbang breathing would be nice.