The most successful online dating story ever


I was at a social event for work, & one of my colleagues who always says she’d like me to meet her son, was telling me about how she once made a PoF account…
So the story goes, my colleagues daughter moved away, & took their cat that they timeshared 😂 The cat was an indoor cat, but the daughter decided to give her time outside, & she disappeared overnight.
My colleague was devastated. So after much thought, she made a PoF profile saying she’d lost her cat. She then viewed every guys profile that showed up in a 5km radius, cause most guys will view a profile that viewed them.
She gets a message from a guy saying he’s sure he’s seen her cat, at his mum’s house. People are weirdos, so she’s very skeptical & was like “sure sure whatever”, & he keeps messaging saying he’s serious & that the cat’s been hanging out around the shed. She asks that if he’s serious, to drop the cat off to the local vet, because she’s microchipped, & they’d refund him the cost. Half hour later they get a phone call from the vet, their cats been dropped off!

TL;DR – the story of how my 60 y/o colleague found her long lost cat on PoF, but I can’t find a decent date!