Remember I posted about “Snapchat guy” before? He was the one who said I was a cocktease and like all other women because I was playing games. I’m still not sure of the games I was playing but I’m thinking it was uno.

Anyways our last interaction ended before New Years when I was in hospital with him saying good luck for your life but I’m not playing these games anymore so I was a little shocked to find a chat from him the other day. He’d viewed my Snapchat story so I assumed it would be about that. Wrong.

Basically he has a girlfriend (a friend who is a girl not an actual partner) who wants to tick an item off her bucket list of a threesome or foursome. He was quick to mention that he had asked her for an exclusive sex sesh but she was only interested if he could bring along another girl or guy. And he says as he’s not a ladies man (ya think dude? With the attitude you gave me I’m not shocked here!) he doesn’t have any mates he can ask and so he was wondering if I would be up for it. He added that he didn’t know if I was dating anyone but that if so I was welcome to bring them to join the fun. If I say no he’ll have to look on tinder. And finished up with saying “she mentioned that it would be protection only sex so if you are okay with that?” And that he’d pay for the drinks as long as I was living up to the bargain.

I honestly didn’t know how to reply to that. Like okay you cracked it at me for being a cocktease, you only wanted sex with me, and now you need me to help you get laid with this chick? Seriously dude? Seriously?!?!

And I’m not sure where the whole protraction thing keeps getting mentioned except him saying how his ex couldn’t have kids cos of (x condition) and was mine like that when he saw something listed on my medical history snap and I said no and the poor lady. He was like “why poor lady? I am of the attitude if it’s not on it’s not on, do you roll that way?” So maybe he thinks I’m going to steal his sperm or something…

I still don’t even know how to reply to him. If I say no does that make me a cocktease again?