tindershwinder: Such a good boy I’d match wi…


Such a good boy

I’d match with him.

Incidentaly I did match with a sdog once. Sandy. His current owner wasn’t paying him attention so he was looking for someone to give him pats and tell him he was a good dog.

After a bit of chatting it turned out he was married. What a fucking shock I know! And wanted greener pastures. In a more permanent way too.

If I was hot I reckon he’d have said ciao to wifey and taken off. But he never saw me until I sent him a partial pic or he may have found it online I can’t quite remember.

Then suddenly was trying to patch things up with wife.

Shame she didn’t know what a bastard dog he was and have him desexed and relegated to the doghouse.

Wonder if he’s back on tinder now….? If I could remember his name I’d check his insta or facey Page outta curiosity. But I’m too lazy to go looking in my emails for something that doesn’t really matter to me atm.