I'm glad you've seen it. Who was yo…

I'm glad you've seen it. Who was your favourite character? Favourite romance? Did you have a problem with the age gap btw the main leads? Did you like the ending?

Goblin anon! Sorry for the late reply 

  1. It’d have to be between Goblin and Grim Reaper. I loved both of them so much they were so amazing.
  2. Eun Tak and Goblin actually! I know not many people liked them and preferred Grim Reaper and Sunny but I really liked the main couple 
  3. Not really? Kim Go Eun and Gong Yoo are both adults and they had great chemistry. I rarely have an issue with age-gaps as long as there is chemistry and it’s nothing illegal. 
  4. I actually really liked the ending because it was bittersweet. I’m not a fan of totally happy endings tbh it just feels fake? In a perfect world Goblin would’ve been reborn also and he would’ve found his bride in a new life as a human but I feel like that’d have gone against the whole purpose of his character.  My only issue was that I wish the writer had explained more about how the age thing would work – would the bride just keep aging and Goblin would stay his age forever and then she’d die and it’d repeat over and over again? When would it end? I remember initially watching the ending and HATING it but now almost a year later I do like it. It really makes their love-story timeless and forever. I just think the way the story was written a total happy ending would not have made much sense. It was great that Reaper and Sunny got their happy ending though they suffered sooo much!