thoughts on people shitting on seungri for his criticizing of that female trainee on mixnine?

Yea I have a lot of thoughts actually……

  1. It’s a SURVIVAL SHOW. He’s a JUDGE. If he doesn’t critique and give advice what else is he supposed to do? Tell everyone that they rock when they don’t?
  2. That girl literally came in and when Seungri critiqued her singing she told him “but I’m cute! right?” You’re on a YG survival show girly that is not going to work at all!!! What did you expect?
  3. He actually gave her GOOD and useful advice
  4. For those shitting on why Seungri is a judge let me remind you all that Seungri heard some of the NASTIEST shit when he was competing to get a spot in BIGBANG at such a young age. He was only 16 when he debuted! And now look at him – a member of such a successful group, a producer, an actor, a restaurant owner, a CEO. He’s done EVERYTHING and exceeded at it without the help of anyone. He’s the most incredible person to have as a judge because he’s been where these trainees have been. He understands them and their struggles. Those saying “what talent does he have to be a judge” can fucking choke because Seungri has more talent in his pinky than antis sitting behind computer screens typing hate against him.

Just say y’all hate BIGBANG/Seungri and leave. My man is out there doing charity work for YG tbh when he should be releasing a solo album and going on tour. But that’s a different issue.