jiyongie kinda looks like an egg in that new a…

jiyongie kinda looks like an egg in that new army pic


aren't we glad for seungri's loose m…

aren't we glad for seungri's loose mouth!! also real glad the netizen comments on articles on naver are protecting our ot5 <3

god bless our maknae yes! yea naver knetz are basically saying how if flower road had flopped like most artists’ military/hiatus work does no one would care but b/c it’s bigbang/seunghyun and it’s topping the charts dispatch is starting a ruckus even YG was over their shit look at his latest IG post 

part of me just wants bigbang to move to that …

part of me just wants bigbang to move to that vineyard seunghyun bought in argentina (??) after their service im so over korean journalists and knetz being such assholes to them 24×7

wow this is a mood (and yes it was argentina)


Who's Nate?

Who's Nate?

it’s not a person lol it’s a korean portal site that’s kinda like a forum that is notorious for being filled with teenage psycho fans who hate on everyone and everything and spread fake messes around that dispatch stalks and then blows up as a dumb article think of nate as like 4chan meets reddit meets tumblr’s psycho fandom stuff 

netizenbuzz (the site) is known to translate their comments to make it seem like everyone hates a certain group/artist when it’s like one of the least used korean sites compared to naver which is more representative of the public 

Have you heard that Tabi is under investigatio…

Have you heard that Tabi is under investigation for possibly breaking laws for public workers for release of Flower Road? They want him to submit his contract for review. WTF?!!

I wouldn’t call it an investigation he was more asked to submit stuff but I literally am so done with everyone I blame the rats on Nate who got jealous that Flower Road is doing so well and tried to start drama but YG responded with proof that it was created back in 2015/2016 and thankfully Seungri accidentally talked about it during the VLIVE for MADE so there’s video proof also……the thing is SO many artists have released music while they are in the army as a goodbye gift for fans hell actors even shoot dramas and they’re released while they’re serving but why are people suddenly caring? B/c its BIGBANG and Tabi had a recent scandal making him perfect bait for reporters to use. 

Thankfully most Knetz are calling out the idiotic reporter who started this mess by saying they’re the issue not BIGBANG. In the meantime, our queen Flower Road collected her PAKs so I hope the rats choke can they just leave him alone like just let him serve in peace……

In other news Tabi apparently didn’t even know that Flower Road was going to be released so he was probably shocked to read that their song was number 1 on the charts 




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Can you please explain what zombies streamers …

Can you please explain what zombies streamers are? I can't understand 🤓

 fans of certain groups that can’t chart well during the day-time when the public are awake that stay awake from 1AM-5/6AM (fandom hours) to stream their favs’ songs to get them to number 1 on the charts. basically they mess up the charts during those hours b/c the public is asleep so the charts are easier to manipulate….

could u post the gd &quot;disappointed but not…

could u post the gd "disappointed but not surprised" meme omg i cant find it anywhere but i know i've seen it on your blog before 🙁 thank u so much if u still have it!!!!!

here ya go! 


I checked naver top 100 and bigbang was 8th an…

I checked naver top 100 and bigbang was 8th and i was like what is going on? Turns out it was 4am in Korea.. zombie streamers xd anyways they're back at number 1 so it's all good . Btw now whenever I listen to flower road I hear magical cream instead of magical queen… thanks for that xd

Zombie streamers are insane lol but yea BIGBANG have been holding their number 1 on the charts for a good week now and especially on MelOn (aka the chart that matters). 

Istg once you hear magical cream there is NO going back the song like Tabi/Jiyong wrote such a beautiful lyric about VIPs being their magical queens and my dumbass ruined it